Home Remedies to Cure Skin Abrasions

Abrasions are injuries or wounds caused on skin due to superficial damage of affected skin area. Abrasions can be cured easily when compared to other injuries and wounds. There are several home remedies which can be used to cure abrasions. These effective remedies can help cure abrasions which occur when the upper part of the wound gets ruptured while accidentally rubbing against a hard surface, when you accidently fall down from a bike etc. These home remedies are effective in treating abrasions and are cost-effective as well.


Ice can help treat abrasions at home. It can help reduce the swellings and bruises caused by abrasions. Ice can be used to rub over the wound to reduce the pain instantly and stop the bleeding as well. Use an ice cube or an ice pack over the abrasion after cleaning the affected area properly. Rub over the abrasions using ice and later apply a band aid.


Honey is an effective remedy which can help treat abrasions. It helps in healing the wounds within few days. Apply a thick layer of honey over the abrasion and let it dry. Clean it using wet cotton or a sponge. Follow this remedy twice a day to see visible results. Honey speeds up the process of healing wounds and its scars.


Vinegar is another effective home remedy which helps treat abrasions. It works as a natural astringent and can help treat bruised skin. It not only cleans your wounds and abrasions but also speeds up the process of healing. To see fine results, dilute one part of vinegar with three parts of water and use this diluted vinegar with a cotton ball and then apply it over the abrasion. To see best results, use warm water to dilute vinegar instead of using cold water.

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Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is another effective remedy that helps treat abrasions at home. Aloe Vera is known for several benefits and can be used to treat wounds and injuries as well. Aloe Vera is known for its healing properties and works effectively in curing abrasions. Split an Aloe Vera and extract its pulp. Apply a thick layer of Aloe Vera pulp on your wounds. Allow it to dry. Wash off with water. Try using a fresh Aloe Vera and apply its gel over the wounds without touching it. Follow this remedy twice a day to see best results. This is one of the effective treatments which can help treat abrasions.

Lavender oil:

Lavender oil is yet another effective remedy which helps treat abrasions which occur due to several reasons. Lavender oil works as a disinfectant for injuries and wounds and helps in healing them quickly. Mix thyme tea and few drops of lavender oil. Apply it over the wounds and let it dry. To see best results, follow this remedy thrice a day. You can also prepare a salve at home by using comfrey and tea tree or lavender oil and apply it over the injured skin. This is another effective way to treat abrasions.