Parasitic Infections
Get Rid of Parasitic Infections

Many people suffer from contagious parasitic infections. Unhygienic lifestyle and contaminated food and water are the main sources which cause this infection. As mentioned earlier, it is a highly contagious disease and anyone is prone to this disease if they have any contact with a person who is already suffering from this contagious infection. Excessive use of antibiotics can destroy healthy and normal flora in your gut.

Simple and effective home remedies to get rid of parasitic Infections

Parasites can invade your body and spread along with your blood, pancreas, kidney, liver and intestines. You can also observe several symptoms. The patient suffering from this contagious infection suffers from diarrhea, burning sensation, abdominal pain. Parasites even affect your nervous system and can also cause depression and other sleeping disorders. Children suffer from itching in eyes, nose etc. However, we can cure this contagious infection with the natural home remedies. Here are few such effective natural home remedies which can help cure this infection.


Garlic is effective in curing several ailments and it also adjusts the dysfunctions of your body. Garlic is known for its antiviral, antifungal and other properties which can help combat such parasites and destroy them. Mince four to six cloves of garlic and swallow them in the early morning with warm water. Practice this remedy thrice a day till you see visible results.

Castor oil:

Castor oil is known for its medicinal properties. It is readily available in our home and can be used to cure many infections. Castor oil is effective in exterminating parasites. Take a spoonful of castor oil and add two spoons of orange juice to it. Consume this mixture in the early morning and later drink a cup of warm water. After few minutes, drink some more warm water. This remedy can help flush out parasites from your body in the form of excreta.

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Onion is known for its healing properties. It is abundant in flavonoids and potassium salts and these antioxidants can remove harmful radicals from your body. Grate an onion and extract the juice from it. Consume it immediately and follow this remedy twice a day till you see visible results. This is one such effective remedy helpful in exterminating parasites from your body.


Cloves are known for its medicinal properties which are helpful in eliminating harmful microorganisms. Cloves are known for its anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial properties which help eliminate parasites from your body. Take few cloves and powder them. Swallow it using warm water. They help kill the larvae in your body before it hatches. Follow this remedy everyday in the morning and once in the nighttime before going to bed.


Radish is known for its healing properties which are essential to treat several health disorders. Radish is abundant in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants which help eliminate all the toxins from your body. Grate a radish and extract its juice. Consume it daily in the morning. The enzymes in radish juice help flush out all the toxins and parasites from your body and protect your liver, intestines and kidney from such infections.