Home Remedies to Treat Dehydration

Dehydration is due to the loss of fluid content within your body. This can be a critical condition and might affect anyone. In medical terms, your body gets dehydrated when there is no sufficient fluid content helpful to meet basic requirements of your body.

This condition occurs when people don’t drink sufficient quantity of water or fluids especially during summers. They get exposed to excessive heat and body gets dehydrated. This condition also persists during high fevers as well. To get rid of this condition, you need to keep your body hydrated by taking lots of fluid content. This can be achieved by following few home remedies which are effective in curing dehydration. Here are few such home remedies which are cost-effective and have no side effects as well.

Bland foods:

You need to eat foods which are already bland since as they are easy to digest. This might not sound great but this home remedy is proven to be effective in treating dehydration. Stomach cramps might occur during dehydration and this remedy can help cure this condition as well. Consume foods such as rice, flavored gelatins etc. Include yogurt and cottage cheese in your diet as well.


Drink lots of water to maintain fluid balance in your body. Drinking water is one effective remedy to treat dehydration. Drink around 12-16 glasses of plain water. This remedy can help treat vomiting and nausea which are considered to be the symptoms of dehydration. You can also intake ORS and electrolytes which help maintain the level of sodium, potassium, chlorine and other essential nutrients within your body.

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You need to consume fruits that are abundant in water content such as bananas, water melon etc. They help restore the level of potassium within your body and also beat dehydration. Cantaloupe and strawberries are also effective to help treat dehydration. Cucumber can also be taken in huge quantity to maintain the level of water content in your body.

Lemon and sugar:

Prepare a health drink using lemon juice and sugar. Stir it well and consume it twice a day to see visible results. This remedy can help maintain the fluid content within your body and you might also add salt to taste. This is one such effective remedy which can help treat this condition instantly. Diabetics can use salt instead of sugar.


Salt can also be used to treat this condition. Dehydration is due to excessive sweating. Loss of essential salt content from your body can cause dehydration. Hence you can consume salted crackers or salty nuts to get rid of this condition.


Ice is yet another effective remedy to help treat dehydration. You can put ice pack on your body or use it to massage your body and get some quick relief from dehydration.

Besides following these remedies, you also need to drink fresh fruits juices and have vitamin and mineral supplements. You should consult your doctor, if this condition persists for a longer time.