Healthy Diet Tips to Cure Hair Loss Problems

Hair loss is a common problem faced by most of the people nowadays. Hair loss might be a hereditary reason for some people. However, the major cause for hair loss is lack of nutrients and deficiency of minerals and vitamins in your body. Thus, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and nutrients should be taken in a good quantity and you need to maintain a balanced diet. Proper diet schedule can help reduce hair loss issues. Here are list of few essential diet tips which can help rejuvenate hair growth and reduce hair loss as well.

Protein rich foods:

Protein rich foods are essential in your regular diet to enhance hair growth. Foods such as milk, eggs, soy, cheese, yogurt etc are abundant in protein. They help improve hair growth and help add shine to your hair. Foods such as fish, meats etc are also abundant in protein. Include lots of protein rich foods in your daily routine. You can also intake protein supplements or protein powders to fulfill your nutritional requirement for protein foods. Soy protein is also essential to enhance hair growth. Also include tofu, fish, yogurt etc in your diet which are a rich source of soy protein.

Mono saturated fat:

Olive oil and nuts are a rich source of mono saturated fats which are essential to rejuvenate hair growth. They can also help restore the strength of your hair.


Consuming foods that are a rich source of Iodine is essential for healthy hair. Iodine can help reduce hair thinning problems. You can add sea salt in the food while cooking. Vegetables that are abundant in iodine content are turnips, spinach, carrot, cabbage etc and also foods such as soybeans, millets, mustard are also a rich source of iodine. Seed oils like walnut, flax seed oil, pumpkin are also abundant in iodine content.

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Anemia is a result of iron deficiency which even causes hair loss problems. Include lots iron rich foods such as dried fruits, nuts, raisins, green leafy vegetables, whole grain cereals, dates, eggs etc. You can also use iron supplement pills to satisfy your body’s requirements for iron content.

No alcohol:

Alcohol is to be avoided completely to get rid of hair fall problem. Alcohol lowers the level of vitamins in your body. Vitamin C and vitamin B content is reduced when you consume alcohol which can eventually lead to hair loss problem. Alcohol is a rich in sugar content and calories. Hence, it is better to stop consuming alcohol.

No caffeine:

Caffeine can reduce the level of potassium and zinc in your body thereby causing hair loss and thinning of hair. Caffeine also reduces vitamin B and vitamin C in your body and it is necessary to stop consuming caffeine.

Avoid excess Sodium and fat:

High level of sodium and fat can reduce hair growth. Hence, it is essential to reduce the intake of excess sodium and fat content in your diet to treat this problem which can thereby help enhance hair growth.