No matter what kind of pain you are currently going through – headache, chronic back pain, muscle spasm, a broken heart, etc. – you can be sure that food will always be there to help you! Just open your fridge, scan it thoroughly and you will find your remedy in no time. But, certain types of pain require certain foods and vice versa, which is why you should know what agrees with what. Do not eat ice cream when your throat hurts and try not to drink a lot of coffee if you have severe liver problems. But, if you are stressed out, these items might be the perfect choices! Here are several foods that will help you manage your pain and help you end it.


Coffee vs. Headache and Muscle Pain

Whenever they feel like sleeping or cannot seem to wake up, a great deal of people drink a cup of coffee. This occurs because caffeine, among other things, triggers our nervous system, produces adrenaline, dilates our pupils and raises our blood pressure. However, coffee is not just a great wake-me-up drink, but something that will reduce your pain as well.

Caffeine works well against headaches because it closes our blood vessels and relieves the pain. However, it can also produce more problems and a condition called caffeine headache, so be careful with it. Additionally, since coffee can reduce your muscle pain, consider taking it after an intense workout.

Cannabis vs. Anxiety and General Pain

Though many people still have their reservations against cannabis used in medical purposes, it has been showing great results and manifesting health benefits. However, you still have to be very careful regarding the dosage of medical cannabis and the intensity of its use, but keep in mind that proper usage can prevent certain types of cancer, dementia and Alzheimer’s, as well as ease your pain and treat your stress and anxiety.

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There are many ways to consume cannabis – smoking, vaporizing, tinctures and tonics, preparing edibles and cooking tea – and each of these trigger a slightly different reaction in your body. Edibles are quite popular because they look like your regular cookies and are actually quite easy to bake. Moreover, they relieve general body pain and help you sleep more peacefully – but the problem is that not all patients are aware of that. Therefore, you should start following cannabis news right away and figure out how it can help you too.

Ginger vs. Nausea and Menstrual Pain

Ginger is one of the most universal natural pain relievers – it fights off basically all kinds of pain! Whether you feel tired after a long day or are experiencing motion sickness, ginger is the thing to look for. When combined with lemon, it is one of the most efficient remedies against cold, and it can also cure nausea and vomiting, according to a study conducted in 2000.

Another example of ginger’s excellence is curing menstrual pain and cramps – it has even had better results than a number of painkillers issued by your doctors and pharmacists. There are many ways to ingest ginger, from highly efficient ginger tea to ginger-based supplements, so everyone can find the one they like the most.

More Creative Ideas

When dealing with pain, people are prepared to do anything to get some help. Nevertheless, if you opt for healthy food instead of a bunch of over-the-counter medicaments, you will introduce a touch of nature into your life. Items like green tea, salmon, pineapple and cayenne are sure to help you fight inflammation, joint pain, osteoarthritis and arthritis, respectively. Ultimately, these foods will make your diet more exciting and have a positive effect on your mental health.

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