Some people might think of physical therapy as useful during convalescence from a long illness or serious surgery. Certain medical conditions might also predispose some patients to the need for and benefits of physical therapy. But victims of accidents who suddenly experience trauma may also be prescribed physical therapy to help heal their injuries. There are several ways that this type of treatment can help injured people to heal more rapidly and effectively.

Physical Injury Assessment

People who have been seriously injured in a vehicular accident that has resulted in physical impairment or limitation often are evaluated in an auto accident medical clinic. At that time, you may be referred for physical therapy for help in recovering from bodily damage and problems such as neck injuries, back strain, muscle problems, or broken bones. Although the medical doctor will conduct a thorough examination and determine a diagnosis, a licensed physical therapist will perform a detailed assessment of your baseline physical functions to ascertain your current status and what is needed to return you to pre-accident functionality.

Individualized Treatment Plan

The therapist will develop a personalized treatment plan to address your recovery needs. This may include overall conditioning, along with targeted work on specific injured areas. Your treatment may require two or three visits per week that extend over a period of several months. However, each patient is unique, and each plan is tailored to your particular needs.

Professional Monitoring and Massage

Instead of just assigning you exercises to do at home, although this may be done at some point when you are deemed ready to work independently, your visits to the therapy center will be closely guided and monitored by the therapist who is overseeing your progress. Adjustments can be made as needed. Sometimes you might work with an associate or assistant therapist under the general direction of the lead therapist. Your injured body areas may receive manipulative therapy or massage during treatment to relax muscles and expand range of motion for affected muscles, bones, and tissues.

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Physical Training Equipment

Working with a professional physical therapist onsite provides access to industry-specific equipment that can help to expedite your recovery. Although some patients buy a few items to work with at home, physical therapy tables, weights, and other accessories can help to speed recovery.

Physical therapy is a tremendous asset for healing from a car accident. Most patients love the pain relief and physical improvements that speed recovery.