All keto dieters know the ketogenic diet requires careful planning to be successful. That said, everyone knows there will always be times when planning wasn’t an option or planning was overlooked. This article goes over some options for when someone on the keto diet is on the go and has nothing to eat.

Grab a snack at a gas station

When most people think of gas station food, they probably don’t think of anything low carb. Many gas stations have terrible pizza, questionable prepacked sandwiches, donuts, hot dogs and more. These are very far from being keto-friendly.

When looking for a low carb snack at a gas station, remember that less is more. Most gas stations have nuts. Grab a bag of almonds to hold you over until your next meal. It’s going to be very difficult to get a very filling snack that goes along with the keto diet, but it’s easy to grab a snack.

Another option is a beef stick or beef jerky. Be careful if you go with this option though. Many of them are loaded with sugar and have many hidden carbs. Be sure to read the label and don’t just blindly eat a huge bag of beef jerky or you could take down 20 carbs or more.

A sparkling water is also good to help curb the appetite. Remember, the goal is just to hold you until your next meal, not to become completely full with gas station food.

Chug some water

There will be times when there is just not a keto option. If someone is at a little league baseball game or a high school basketball game, good luck tracking down a keto snack. In this spot chugging water is the best bet. Instead of just eating whatever you can get, keep drinking water. It may result in numerous trips to the restroom, but that’s better than breaking ketosis.


Careful fast food maneuvering

Many people just write off fast food as an option when on the ketogenic diet. That’s not true. Sure, most people think of burgers and fries when they think of fast food and that’s obviously not an option. That said, there are many other choices that can be made at a fast food restaurant.

Most fast food restaurants have salads. They aren’t the best salads out there, but they are good enough to make a single meal out of. The leading chains in the United States, including McDonald’s and Wendy’s, have a decent variety of salads.

Another option for a low carb fast food meal is a bunless burger. Most people just think burger and think bun, then quickly rule that out as an option on the keto diet. Many of the fast food restaurants have a burger option that is close to a buck, so just grab two or three of them and either say no bun or ask them to wrap it in lettuce.

The fast food restaurant apps are a keto dieter’s best friend. It gives you options to customize what you order and check out all of the options. There are hidden keto gems in many of the fast food menus. Even Taco bell has some low carb options.

Proper planning is your best friend

The best way to handle these situations is to avoid this situation. If you carry a bag be sure to keep some keto snacks in there, like almonds, beef jerky, etc. Someone who constantly puts them self in stick situations will have a hard time maintaining ketosis. Preparation is key in this diet. If put in a situation where hunger strikes and the next move is unsure, failure is likely.

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That said, it’s important to remember that no matter where someone is, there is probably a keto option in reach. Before breaking ketosis, be sure to look into all the options and think outside the box.