Between bills like rent, insurance, car payments, and overdue payments- a lot of people are getting stressed out more and more every day.  Nearly twenty percent of Americans have some form of anxiety, which adds even more weight on their shoulders.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any miracle drug that will erase anxiety in its entirety, but CBD can help you fight against any symptoms causing you stress.

Here’s how.


CBD has the ability to bind to receptors in our brains that allow serotonin to flow freely.  Serotonin has a reputation for being able to make people happy, but its role is so much more complicated than that.  It also helps regulate moods, sleep patterns, hunger, and depression.  By working to allow your serotonin to regulate itself, CBD fights against the mood swings that can happen otherwise.

Instead of removing the thing in your life that stresses you out, it helps decrease your body’s panic reaction, so that you can take your time solving the problem.


The endocannabinoid system is a system in your body that helps against pain and stress.  When you take CBD, you stimulate this nervous system and allow it to work to its full power.  This stimulation can reduce or remove stress in a lot of people, and gives others the tools they need to fight against anxiety.  Taking it in as an edible or even a CBD crumble can help activate this system and give you the chance to fight back against your symptoms.

Neural Regeneration

Stress is known to change the shape of the human brain.  It shrinks human brains, shriveling them a little, which can cause permanent damage over time.  Studies have shown that CBD can help repair these parts of the brain, and even regenerate portions that have gotten damaged from stress.  This action means you’ll be able to handle stressful situations easier, even when not taking a CBD dosage, as long as you work with it long enough.

Blood Pressure

A major symptom of anxiety in a lot of people is that their heart rate skyrockets and their chest hurts.  Anxiety and stress are known to cause faster heart rates, but studies show CBD can fight back against that.  It’s known to slow the heart rate of patients without giving them painful side effects that some heart medicines do.

Replacing Bad Habits

People are habitual creatures.  Instead of trying to wipe your life clean of stressors, if you take a CBD gummy, or consume a tincture of it, you can tell your mind to relax.  Over time, just the act of taking out the bottle will signal to your brain that it’s time to calm down.  CBD is non-addictive, which means you won’t have to worry about hooking yourself on it for life- but the habit of using it can give you the chance to form a better understanding.  Not only will you be able to identify your stressors more easily, but you can also learn a different way to cope with them.