Personal wellness is extremely important for our lives, so more and more people devote time to it on a daily basis. We do this by regular exercise, stress reduction techniques and a healthy and a balanced diet.

Personal wellness coach is a person who advises people about diet and exercises and about how they can overcome or cope with stress. This is very rewarding job, and of an extreme importance for the health industry and human health in general. The more wellness coaches are out there, the healthier we will become. So, how can you become a wellness coach?

Health Education


There is a variety of focuses and specialization that a wellness coach career can entail. A wellness coach helps people lead better lives physically. You would give people advice on nutrition, fitness, anatomy and physiology. You would think of wellness solutions that are specific to each individual, in terms of suiting their personal needs. Some specializations in wellness coaching include the natural ones, like homeopathy and natural lifestyle changes. Others focus more on the physical aspects, such as fitness and exercise. Others, however, focus solely on nutrition. These are all the directions in which you can take your career as a wellness coach.

While still in high school, you can focus on health related assignments and courses. There are many CPR courses, for example, which you can take. Furthermore, you can take summer jobs that focus on wellness and well-being. Some schools offer programs that might lead you in the direction of becoming a fitness consultant. Majors that you should consider include nutrition, health sciences and biology. Other than these, a minor in communications or psychology can also help immensely. You can take your education even further, by enrolling in a masters in nutrition or wellness or in one of many coaching academies.

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Where to Start


Try to figure out what are the requirements for becoming a health and wellness consultant in the state you reside in. Some states require licencing and some just a college degree that makes you an authority in the field of health and wellness. You can find many courses online or in your state. You should choose what interests you the most, for example a holistic approach in wellness over the nutritional approach. Weigh in the pros and cons of all the programs you are interested in and make your decision accordingly.

Get the Necessary Skills


You want to diversify your skill set as much as possible withing the specific field of your interest. Business and communication skills are extremely important for you at this stage, but what will help you the most is the profound knowledge of fitness and health. You have to stay updated with the latest trends in fitness and nutrition and to always question their validity. Also, it is a good idea to subscribe to some fitness related health magazines to constantly be surrounded with information that is primary for your profession.

All you have to do now is to start looking for work. Seek it in places such as fitness and wellness centers, medical centers, private spas, day spas, yoga studios, schools, etc. Become a true soldier of health, fighting for the betterment of the overall health of our, somewhat unhealthy society. Good luck!