The inherent comfort of wearing sports bras is unmatched. It’s the first thing on the mind of every woman buying sports bras. However, aesthetics is also a primary factor to consider while choosing work out bras, as you wear that on the top of your clothing. 


In the world of social media enthusiasts, where people don’t leave a single chance to click photos and upload them, aesthetics counts as much as comfort. You won’t like to pose in dull-looking workout attire, which fails to give the impression you wish to create on your followers.


Follow the suggestions mentioned below to enhance both aesthetics and comfort while posing for your Instagram handle in a sports bra. 


Impact – Low, Medium, High

Depending on the type of exercise, you should opt for low, medium, or high impact bras that come in different styles and designs. Take the right measurements of your bust size, the cups, and the sides, before going on a shopping venture. For walking, strength training exercises, or yoga, you should consider low-impact bras and keep the medium ones for dancing, cycling, skiing, and other outdoor activities. 


For gymming, aerobic exercises, running, mountain biking, or other outdoor adventures, you should consider the high-impact athletic bras that offer maximum support. Numerous Sports Bras also go the extra mile to ensure both compression and encapsulation while indulging in strenuous physical activities. These bras also influence your appearance by enhancing your posture and fitting. 


Designer bras – How to make the best choice

When aesthetics tops your priority list, you should take care to choose bras that will not only provide support and maximize movements but also ‘look good’ in all possible ways. You can opt for encapsulation bras that reduce the ‘monoboob’ effect by ensuring a proper feminine shape. If the bra straps give you a lot of trouble while running or working out in the gym, you can go for Racerback sports bras to reduce the pressure on your shoulders. 

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The zip-and-hook bras have front closures that are best for plus-size bodies, as well as for women recovering from surgeries. And if you’re worried about the large bust size, you can go for underwire bras to maximize comfort and look confident and attractive at the same time. 


Choosing the fabric

Every workout session involves a lot of sweating, which can make you feel uncomfortable. However, the moisture-wicking properties of your sports bras will help reduce the discomfort to a great extent. They also offer high-ventilation that keeps sweat patches at bay and help you pose for the camera with increased confidence. Opt for technical fabrics with anti-sweat, antimicrobial, and anti-odor properties to stay fresh and energetic during the workout sessions. 


You should also consider the stretching properties of the material for unrestricted movements, especially during a yoga session. For low-medium impact bras, you can go for the seamless varieties to ensure optimum comfort and minimum restrictions. This apart, you should also check if the fabric has any wrinkles when you wear the bra, as it can affect your appearance. 


What to keep in mind while deciding the fitting

It’s okay if you want a snug fit, but it shouldn’t restrict your breathing. Check the fitting by putting two fingers between the bra strap and your shoulders and see if the former pinches against it. You can always loosen the strap if it’s adjustable, but make sure the cups don’t get loose in the process. While wearing underwire bras, make sure that the wire lays flat against the ribs without digging into the flesh. 

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You can choose from a wide variety of cup styles in workout bras that are meant for different breast sizes. Some of these bras also come in multiple cup styles so make your choice accordingly. While the molded and compression cups are meant for low and mid-level activities, encapsulated, underwire, and removable cups are designed for high-impact ones. 


Talking about aesthetics, some of these workout bras also flaunt some extra features, like little storage pockets for car keys, phones, or other necessities. They may also exhibit UPF protection for walking shirtless on sunny days. 


Prints – Should you go for neutral or bright colors?

When aesthetics is the main concern here, colors and prints are a priority. The demand for designer bras has increased with leaps and bounds among aspiring social media influencers, who want to look flawless in their photos and in real life too. 


If you’re among them, you should look for the trendiest patterns, bright hues, and stylish straps to take your appearance a notch up. Animal prints have always been in vogue, be it normal clothing or athleisure. You can also opt for abstract prints, fluorescent hues, and trendy cuts to flaunt your body in style. 


Wrapping it up

No matter what type of sports bra you choose to buy, don’t forget to pair it up with an equally stylish pair of bottom wear to complete the look. Browse extensively but choose carefully to enjoy your workout session with confidence and zeal.