Are you looking to get in better shape? Perhaps, you want to challenge yourself or push 1beyond previous plateaus and limitations. Whatever the reason, creating the perfect fitness regime to meet your needs or goals requires some thorough planning.

If you are looking for some assistance with this process, then check out the following tips on how to create the perfect fitness regime that you will stick to:

What are Your Health and Fitness goals?

The first place to start with any fitness routine is to identify what your goals are. This will require you to be very specific. If your goal is to lose weight then you need to identify how much weight you want to lose and by when. For example, you want to lose 40 pounds in 4 months.

Once you have laid out this long-term goal then move on to smaller goals or objectives that will help you to accomplish the larger goal. For example, lose 2-3 pounds per week or make sure to do cardio at least 3 times per week.

Goal setting is the foundation for building any fitness routine.

Work Within Your Limitations

If you have injuries or any physical limitations, then be mindful of them. Don’t try doing fad routines that can cause further injuries or are too difficult to perform due to your limitations. Work within your limitations so that you can make progress toward your goals.

Write Down Your Program

Write down your fitness program so that you can always see it and know exactly what you are doing daily. For those that don’t like to write, or are more tech dependent, there are many great apps available to create and document your fitness regime.

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Log Your Workouts

Now that you have your program already documented via paper or an app, the next step is to log each and every workout. This will help you to monitor and track progress. Additionally, this can help you to make the necessary tweaks to keep you moving in the right direction. You can also keep track of other aspects like your mood, did you sleep well, what time of the day you exercised and more.

Challenge Yourself

If you want to stick to a fitness program then you will need to challenge yourself in order to stay motivated. Challenging yourself can be accomplished by a variety of ways like: increase intensity, shorten duration of workouts, decrease rest periods, or find a workout partner.

By challenging yourself, you can push beyond previous plateaus, find inspiration and stay motivated with your fitness regime.

Choose Exercises that You Like

One common mistake that people make when creating a workout program is to fill it with exercises that are boring, too hard or uninspiring. Instead, find a happy medium of exercises that will challenge you and ones that you enjoy. Remember, these exercises are supposed to help you accomplish your goals, get you in better shape and keep you motivated to working out.


Accountability is vital to sticking to any workout program, even the perfect ones. Find a workout partner, get a personal trainer, or ask loved ones to help you stay on track. Combine this aspect with the logging of your workouts, and you are well on your way to being accountable and successful with your fitness regime.

Make it a Lifestyle2

For a perfect fitness regime to be successful, it has to last long term. This means that you need to build off the success of your perfect program by making the necessary changes to live a healthy lifestyle. So, in addition to working out, focus on eating healthier, being more physically active outside the home, manage stress and sleep better. All of these aspects can have a significant impact on any fitness regime.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Just because a fitness program was successful for your friend or some celebrity does not mean it will be successful for you. Everyone is different. We all have different genetics that respond to exercising in different ways. If you really like a workout program or lean fat burner for her or him, that your favorite celebrity is boasting about, try to customize it to your own goals and physical limitations. If that doesn’t work, then try taking some of the elements from that workout and incorporate those into your own fitness regime.

The Bottom Line

Sticking to a fitness regime requires numerous aspects that will help to motivate you, keep you on track and keep you accountable. Additionally, the perfect fitness regime is all about how it fits you and not anyone else. Lastly, the ultimate goal is to create a healthy lifestyle and for a fitness regime to truly be perfect, it must continue to meet this lifelong goal.



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