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If you want to get a tan without subjecting yourself to harsh exposure to ultraviolet rays i.e. the sun, then what you need is Melanotan II. This cosmetic tanning product helps to stimulate the production of melanin. Melanin is a brown skin pigment that causes the skin to become darker as opposed to redness when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Users of this artificial hormone gradually develop a natural tan without the need for excessive exposure to the sun. This product is excellent for people with fair skin who find it difficult to tan naturally in the sun.

But that is not the only melanotan guide one can put Melanotan II to. This synthetic hormone can also be administered as a shot to men with erectile dysfunctions. Melanotan 2 is believed to work in parts of the human brain to stimulate penile erections. It is also used to prevent the occurrence of skin cancers that are caused by too much exposure to the sun. The cosmetic product is used to stimulate the breakdown of fats (i.e. lipolysis) via the activation of some melanocortin receptors in the human body.

Take note, however, that Melanotan II peptide should never be used as a cure or treatment for any ailment, which is why this article will be talking about the melanotan guide.

Melanotan II was developed by a group of scientists led by Mac E. Hadley and Dr. Victor J. Hruby who were at the University of Arizona. Their goal was to create a drug that could prevent skin cancer using the natural processes that occur in the body. A tan is the body’s natural protection against the damaging effects of the sun.

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So the scientists worked on creating something that would arouse the tanning response of the body before getting exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays via sunlight. When this happens, the skin will not burn in the sun, and the likelihood of developing cancer will be minimal.

But the sun radiates two different types of ultraviolet rays: UVA (long-wavelength ultraviolet light) and UVB (short-wavelength ultraviolet radiation). The good one is UVA which passes through the skin but does not go beyond the lower levels. UVA rays are responsible for stimulating melanocytes, which are cells that produce melanin the skin pigment. This process, referred to as melanogenesis is brought about by a hormone known as Alpha MSH.

Thus, the scientists reckoned that by administering additional amounts of Alpha MSH to any person, tanning would inevitably occur even before such a person exposes himself to sunlight.

But there was a slight snag: Alpha MSH had a short half-life, and this would affect its effectiveness. So a peptide was developed called Melanotan II which also shared the same properties with Alpha MSH, but was steadier and durable.

Administering Melanotan II is not rocket science. For optimal results, make sure that you store the cosmetic product in the refrigerator before using it. To apply Melanotan II, follow these melanotan guides carefully:

  1. Open the Melanotan II vial and then clean its surface with the alcohol wipe it comes with. Clean the surface of the water ampule it comes with as well, using the same alcohol wipe. Get rid of the wipe after usage.
  2. Get hold of the syringe from its pack and insert it into the water ampule.
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iii. Use the syringe to draw out 1 ml of water and then inject it into the Melanotan II vial. Make sure you empty the syringe before pulling it out of the vial.

  1. The Melanotan II powder will dissolve and turn into a clear solution. It is now ready for use. Do not shake the vial for any reason as it may negatively affect the saturation.

It is important to note that there are various types of skin; therefore, find out your skin type from your dermatologist before using this synthetic product.

You should also take note that Melanotan II has some side-effects, although they are short-lived and mild. The side-effects, which are usually experienced by people who inject themselves at will, could be mild nausea, tiredness, and yawning. But they usually go away soon after the injection is administered.

When it comes to sunless tanning, Melanotan II is the leader of the pack. Following this melanotan guide and regular usage will give you that tanned and healthy look you have always desired.