The shoulders are considered the busiest joints in a person’s body as it is an essential tool for executing the upper body’s wide range of complex movements. Further, it helps us keep our balance when we do kinetic movements and provides us the ability to carry and lift objects.

Some actions can strain our shoulders. In fact, the shoulders are the most injury-prone body parts. Unfortunately, some accidents also lead to personal injuries including shoulder injuries.

Common Shoulder Injuries

You may feel shoulder pain in a specific portion of your shoulder or down your arm down. Numerous shoulder difficulties can lead to shoulder pain. Shoulder twists or ligament sprains, muscle tears, and degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis are also frequent factors of shoulder pain. If you are experiencing shoulder pain, check out the following common shoulder injuries and know which type of injury you have:

A.) Shoulder Tendonitis

Anyone who extends their shoulders during the day by such activities as cutting, painting cleaning – can overwork the joints and also produce a related harm. Shoulders are vulnerable to tendonitis and when left untreated, the entire area might become inflamed. This may then cause a tendon to split, which is very painful.

Typically, the pain is much more acute once the arm is raised or when the shoulder is not as busy and becomes numb during the night. In case the tendonitis continues to grow, the arm may begin making clicking noises during backward motions, and it may grow to be very weak and hard to carry and lift things above shoulder height.

B.) Bursitis

The bursa is a sac of fluids that divides and prevents perspiration and pressure involving joints, ligaments, and bones. Bursitis can form because of over-straining of their shoulder, prolonged strain on the region, diseases, or even arthritis.

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C.) Shoulder Dislocations or Sprains

Sprains and dislocations are just two different shoulder injuries that take place in exactly the same manner. The injury is generally a direct effect of an act or injury – whether it be bodily exercise, a crash, or a drop which has a sudden influence upon the shoulder, causing the bones from the joint to separate in a way that hinders smooth movement.

  • Sprain vs. Dislocation: There are gaps between both types of shoulder injuries. Sprains occur when the bones separate temporarily before falling back into position. Meanwhile, a dislocation results in the separation of bones after they accidentally move apart.
  • Signs of sprains and dislocation: After the injury happens, you may feel extreme pain accompanied by hematomas and swelling from the collarbone area to the shoulders. Perhaps you will observe a protrusion of the bone below your skin.

D.) Frozen Shoulder

A frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, may start a few months following a trauma-based injury and is distinguished by continuous pain, even when you are at rest. After experiencing trauma on your shoulders, you may think of avoiding using the area and allow it to heal over time.

However, this only causes your shoulder area to generate scar tissue, which will restrict your movement ability even after your shoulder heals.

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you have shoulder injuries

1.) A Proper Diet

Your diet and nutrition can bring an impact on your shoulder pains and injuries.

  • For muscle damage on shoulders: Muscle damage associated with shoulder pains such as partial tearing of muscles in the rotator cuffs may respond to ginger, garlic, fresh pineapple, flaxseed powder and green tea.
  • For osteoarthritis: A proper diet for shoulder pain brought on by osteoarthritis may contain onions, walnuts, brown rice, asparagus, and avocados.
  • Foods to avoid: Look at avoiding foods which contain solanine such as eggplant, peppers and white potatoes; solanine might lead to pain or distress in some men and women who suffer with arthritis.
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2.) Fresh Pineapple

Fresh pineapple includes proteolytic enzymes and is among the very useful foods in curing the root cause of your shoulder pain.

  • About proteolytic enzymes: This group of enzymes incorporated in fresh pineapples are called bromelain. It significantly reduces swelling and nurtures inflammatory balance.
  • Fast recovery: Fresh pineapple may also help you recover faster from shoulder injuries and surgery. Further, it has been used in treating various musculoskeletal health issues.

Meanwhile, further scientific study into the efficacy of fresh pineapples for shoulder pain is required to confirm its health consequences.

Seek Medical Attention

Some shoulder aches might be the end result of organ issues like gallbladder dysfunction, liver disease and cardiovascular disease. Shoulder pain may be the consequence of problems in your spine. Due to the many possible causes of the shoulder pain, you always be examined by a qualified healthcare professional. Your doctor can make nutrition and diet recommendations which are both safe and effective. If you’ve had a shoulder injury as a result of someone else, you can click here to find out more about your options.


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