How to Have Wrinkle Free Skin

One of the most worrying side effects of aging and becoming older is that the skin starts losing its youthful and fresh appearance. Wrinkles are one of the most prominent and obvious signs of aging and one that every woman dreads to have. Fine lines can be seen around the lips and eyes and age spots will start showing up on the hands. Although aging is a completely natural process, there are some factors that may speed up this process and lead to the appearance of wrinkles. There are three layers of human skin; epidermis, which is the outer layer, dermis, which is the middle layer and the subcutis, which is the bottom layer.

Properties such as elastin, fibers and collagen usually exist in the middle layer or dermis of the skin and provide it support. That’s how the skin gets its fresh and youthful look. Wrinkles will materialize because of excessive sun exposure. Here are some ways to help people in remaining wrinkle free as long as possible:

Facial Exercises

Creams aren’t the solution for wrinkled necks and sagging jowls. The various signs of aging that include drooping jaws, puffy eyes and wilting necks can easily be addressed with the help of facial exercises. Because of facial exercises the skin and muscles on the face and neck are lifted and firmed. The best part about using facial exercises for preventing wrinkles is that this method is completely free and doesn’t require much effort or time on the part of individuals. People can easily keep their facial muscles fit and toned with these exercises and escape the expense of surgical facelifts.

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The intensity of the ultraviolet rays usually determines the extent of the damage of sun exposure on the skin and the appearance of wrinkles. Avoiding sun exposure is the easiest way to prevent the skin from aging quickly. In situations where exposure cannot be avoided, aging can be prevented by using sunscreen.

Fresh Foods

The skin will remain healthy looking for a long time if people continue to eat fresh foods regularly. Antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E, copper, zinc, selenium etc. can be found in fish and fresh fruits and vegetables. Excessive intake of foods that are fat-rich, sweet or comprised of meat will not be very beneficial for the skin. The skin can remain healthy as long as individuals intake foods like ginger, garlic, berries, nuts, fresh greens, yogurt and avocados that are an excellent alkalizing food.

Smoking and Alcohol

The minerals and vitamins of the skin are stolen because of consumption of alcohol and the habit of smoking. The skin becomes exposed to wrinkles because of these activities as they tend to dehydrate the skin. Toxins enter the skin because of smoking while the aging process of the body is speeded up because of alcohol and nicotine consumption. The health risks of cancer, heart problems, diabetes and arthritis is also increased by these items.

As long as people keep these facts in mind, they will be able to slow down the aging process and have wrinkle free skin.