How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Underneath The Eyes

You didn’t pull an all-nighter for completing the report that you have to submit and neither did you spend all night partying hard. Then, why do you have dark circles underneath the eyes when you look in the mirror? Dark shadows, dark circles and heavy bags under the eyes make you look exhausted and tired and tend to make age people more than grey hair or wrinkles ever do. Therefore, they are deemed to be very un-desirable and all people can think about is getting rid of them. There are a variety of ways that can prove to be immensely helpful to get rid of dark circles in some cases and removing them completely in others.

Firstly, people should learn to address the cause of the dark circles. Most of the time, inadequate sleep is the reason why people have shadows under their eyes. Lack of skin reduces circulation and makes the skin look paler, making the bags look darker. Thus, people need to get plenty of their beauty sleep. Moreover, before sleeping, people should also remove all eye makeup as the chemicals in it can make the eyes look older. Try to establish a regular and consistent sleep cycle for avoiding dark circles and take vitamins for assisting sleep, if necessary. Also, abstain from alcohol, caffeine and drugs that can have an adverse impact on the quality of sleep.

Skin discoloration beneath the eyes can also be a result of allergies. Remove the allergen or treat the allergy if that’s the cause of your dark circles. Over-the-counter and prescription medications can be effective in dealing with seasonal allergy problems like hay fever. Nasal congestion is also a reason for dark circles because the veins around the sinuses become dilated and darkened. Vitamin deficiencies are also known to be a major cause of these circles.

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Eating a balanced and healthy diet, taking vitamins and drinking plenty of water can prove to be very effective in dealing with these unwanted circles. Inadequate antioxidants and lack of Vitamin K often give rise to these circles and proper supplementation can prevent this problem. Fruits and vegetables should be taken regularly and salt intake should be reduced as it promotes water retention in unusual places within the body. If you have a smoking habit, it is best to quit as it causes vascular i.e. blood vessel problems. Relax and relieve your stress and anxiety because it has an impact on your diet and sleep.

Use different natural remedies such as cucumber slices that are commonly used for reducing the puffiness under the eyes. A slice of cucumber should be placed over each eye for 10 to 15 minutes. Ice cube wrapped in a cloth or cool teabags should also be applied to the eyes on a daily basis for lightening and removing dark circles. A frozen spoon or potato can also be used in the exact way as cucumber for getting the desired outcome. A combination of these steps can gradually eradicate dark circles and restore the beauty of your eyes.