Romantic relationships and marital relationships, in particular, are one of the most beautiful yet the most complicated things that a person may have to handle. The feeling of having a companion and a soulmate is blissful, yet it often becomes difficult for many couples to stand the test of time as external pressures start to kick in. Although there are various different problems that relationships suffer over a period of time, one of the most common problems is the loss of sex drive, which often results from lower libido levels.

Physical intimacy is one of the most crucial parts of the relationship, however, it often suffers over time due to libido issues. Unfortunately, the life most of us are living in is to be blamed for factors that cause such problems. Fortunately, libido problems can easily be resolved. Although there are medical treatments such as erectile dysfunction drug therapy and drugs to increase libido, libido can easily be increased naturally with a little tweak in your lifestyle.  Here are a few ways how you can increase your libido naturally.


Eating Habits

One of the major culprits behind the loss of libido is unhealthy food choices. We all love our chocolate lavas, cheese pizzas, and Whoppers, but you will have to ditch all that and switch to healthy and clean eating to control the hormonal balance in your body. Cut down your sugar intake and add healthy brown carbs, fibre-rich food, fruits, and vegetables in your diet. Also, try to have a healthy breakfast and an early dinner.

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Sleeping Habits

Sleep deprivation is also one of the major reasons behind poor physical intimacy. If your body is not well rested and have adequate sleep, your body will feel lethargic and your mind and body will not respond to your partner the way it should. Make sure you adequate sleep daily.



Often many people struggle with stamina issues, which in turn results in loss of libido. Daily exercises and workout improves the blood circulation in your body, makes you feel more active and increases your strength and stamina. You do not necessarily have to indulge in rigorous fitness training but make sure you do have some physical activity or sports every day for at least 40 minutes.


Stress and Anxiety

Your sexual desire is largely driven by your mental state, which is why your mental health can lead to loss of sexual desire. Stress and anxiety are common causes of these issues. If you feel you are under stress, try to indulge in de-stressing activities such as Yoga or a hobby such as painting. If the condition persists, seek a counsellor for destressing therapy for better results.


Ditch that Wine

No matter how tempting that glass of a fine brewery looks to you, it is one of the major killers of your libido and body stamina in general. It would be best if you can ditch alcohol completely or at least stick to the bare minimum if, by all means, you need to have it. Occasional drinking should be fine but avoid alcohol consumption on a regular basis.

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