Whether you are off to a cabin in the woods or to a tropical resort, vacation offers you an opportunity to escape hustle and bustle of the city. Unfortunately, traveling with your youngster can be challenging.

Children can be susceptible to travel-related issues like motion diarrhea, infections and other sickness. Before you go out on a vacation with your toddler, be sure to plan carefully so you can enjoy your vacation.

Below are some tips on keeping your toddler healthy during your trip, so you can all enjoy your trip together.

Vaccinate Your Newborn In Advance

Realise that different nations have different health risks and might require specific vaccines. For instance, your newborn baby will need the yellow fever vaccine if you plan on traveling to South America or Africa.

Most vaccines should be given at least a month before the travel date, so try to schedule a doctor’s visit a few weeks before your trip so the vaccines can take effect. But even if you are leaving in less than a month, you still need to schedule an appointment, as your toddler might still benefit from other medications.

Bring Enough Medicines With You

Being away from your home’s usual eating and sleeping habits means it is likely that your baby may fall sick. Children who travel the world are susceptible to a number of problems such as motion diarrhea, infections and other sickness.

But smart packing can help you keep your vacation healthy for your little one. This is crucially important as it cancels out the need to stop and look for a chemist in an unfamiliar place.

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Kids of any age can also get malaria so if you are going to a country with high risk of malaria, talk to your physician about anti-malaria drugs.

Clean Your Hands Before Holding Your Baby

While this is a simple step, it is an easy one to overlook in the mix of everything to keep track of. Hand-washing remains the single best way to avoid the spread of diseases, and children are among those at greater risk for infection.

When it comes to other family members, be assertive for your child’s sake. Although it may feel awkward, it is entirely reasonable, and crucial, to ask that other people spending time with your young one wash their hands.

Let them know it’s nothing personal, you have been doing it too.

Keep Your Baby Safe In The Sun

Keep Your Baby Safe In The Sun

Experts agree that it is important to take your child out in the sun. But you need to look after your child’s delicate skin whenever you go out. If your child is younger than 6 months, it is advised to keep her out of direct sunlight, particularly when the sun gets to its hottest peak.

Protect your baby from being exposed to direct sunlight and inclement weather with umbrella stroller and tandem strollers. Whether it is umbrella stroller or tandem strollers you prefer, these strollers are super-light, fold easily and come in different design to suit every taste.

Keep Baby’s Room A Stable Temperature

Babies are unable to effectively control their body temperature in a way we adults do. If your baby gets too hot, she can lose water. This can lead to heat rash, a pimply rash on the skin of your little one that’s triggered by dead skin cells and bacteria blocking your child’s developing skin cells.

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Realise that 16-20 degrees Celsius is the best temperature for toddlers to sleep in. Also, the clothes you dress your baby should reflect the climate of the place you intend to visit.

Make Sure Your Child Is Covered

Contact your child’s health care provider to find out if they cover medical care for your child when she is abroad. Most insurance plans will cover your child regardless of where she is. But you need to contact your health care provider to clear your doubts.

If your child’s health care provider does not cover your child’s medical care during a trip, consider buying travel insurance. This is an insurance that covers medical expenses for your baby during a trip.


Vacationing with your baby can be a real hurdle–one that keeps most families with infants indoors for years. With careful planning, however, vacationers can overcome these hurdles. We hope these tips will help you and your baby enjoy your trip without having to worry about sicknesses.