As we grow older and get preoccupied with or jobs and everyday errands, we seem to have less time for our friends every day. We can barely find time to have a cup of coffee, let alone go to the theatre or a concert together, which most often leads to the friendships breaking down. Since we all need friends in our lives, to give us support, make us laugh and just be there for us, spending quality time with them is essential if we want to preserve a strong relationship. Therefore, grab your besties and dedicate at least one day each week to them.


Work Out Together

Staying physically active is vital for your health. Therefore, the next time you go to the gym, call your friends to come along. Make sure you’re all signed up for the same gym, and try to sync your training sessions in order to spend as much time together as possible. Furthermore, if gym is not really your cup of tea, have your friends run with you, or even better organize a weekend tournament in rugby, baseball, basketball or any sport that all of you enjoy. As long as you’re all active and having fun, the time will be well spent.

Dinner Once A Week

You know how Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda always had their gossip sessions over a breakfast, lunch or dinner. Well, you should do that as well. Have at least one meal a week with your friends. Dinner on Fridays would be the best choice, because everyone has finally finished their jobs for the week, and you could stay and talk for as long as you want. Nobody will have to think whether they have the next meeting in a couple of hours, or whether the lunch break is already over.

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Watch the Game Together

One of the best ways for boys to spend quality time with their buddies is to watch the game together. Whether you choose to buy the tickets for the gang, or just call them over to a laid-back night with beer and snacks at your home, it’s definitely going to be the best night. This is the perfect way to bond with friends, catch up and enjoy spending time together.

Have a Many Paddy

Sleepovers were on of the best parts of high school days, so why not reminisce a little and organize one now. Facials, many paddy treatments and watching romantic comedies while going over your current relationships is what the perfect sleepover is all about. It’s an excellent opportunity to catch up on all the things that you’ve been through for the previous week or a month.


Set Out to an Adventure

If you and your friends have an adventurous spirit, and like to spend time in nature going to a camping trip would be the best time to hang out and be together. Additionally, go to a trip around the world visit the most beautiful beaches, or discover the wildlife of gorgeous rainforests and mountains. Along with all the necessities, make sure you have comfortable Cloud Lounges with you, so that you can rest at any time in any place. You could sit, relax, and even sleep in them and it will feel amazing.

Go on a Vacation Together

Is there a better holiday than the one you’ll be spending with the people you love? I think not. Therefore, have all your friends together and decide on the best destination you’d like to visit and explore. You’ll be spending every day with your friends, and be able to create new memories and make your relationship even stronger than it was before.

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