plump your lips

Smooth and plump lips are definitely a sight to enjoy and they generally make you feel great about yourself. If you have been hoping to have smooth and plump lips, you will be glad to know that you can actually have them well, without plastic surgery. If you are wondering how you can plump your lips, the following methods will guide you through.

Always hydrate yourself

They say water is the source of all life. Drink a lot of water to hydrate your entire body and this will work through to you lips just like it works to your skin. Hydration works through to ensure that your lips have a fuller look and feel. Water works its way through to your cells and when absorbed, they fill work. This will in turn reflect through your lips as they also fill up to become firmer and fuller.

To help with this method, it is recommended that you invest in a good lip balm with SPF. Use the lip balm frequently through the day so you do not allow them to go dry. This helps to keep them moist and appealing. With the presence of an SPF, you will be preventing the sun’s ultra violet rays from damaging your lip any further. This ensures that it remains moist over longer periods.

Steaming method

Steaming your lips helps you to open up their pores so they can breathe and remain healthy. The best time to steam your lips is before you take your shower. The procedure is simple. Before taking a shower, generously apply petroleum jelly while rubbing it on to your lips. Allow it rest for a few minutes then get into the bathroom. Do not wipe it off. As you enjoy your hot bath, the steam from the hot shower water will help the petroleum jelly to penetrate your lip’s skin. This will leave your lips smooth and plumper. Once you are done taking your shower, wipe off any residue. Alternatively, you can substitute the petroleum jelly with honey. Honey also has healing properties that will come in handy with chirped and chapped lips.

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Exfoliate your lips

  • With sugar (honey) scrub method  

Exfoliating your lips not only makes them plumper and softer but also healthier. With this method, you will require a small amount of honey, brown sugar, and a small bowl. Mix the honey and sugar together in the bowl and apply it on our lips while rubbing it on. Apply generously on your lips and around them. Allow it rest for about three minutes. Using a wet paper towel, wipe off the residue. Allow them rest as they dry. Once they are completely dry, apply a layer of Aquaphor to help retain the moisture in to help create plumper lips.

  • With coconut oil method

Coconut oil comes with preventive and curative properties. For individuals with dried lips, it is recommended that you use coconut oil to exfoliate your lips. Apply some coconut oil before getting into the shower and allow it rest for some time. Take a shower with the coconut oil still rubbed on your lips. Once you are done taking your shower, apply another layer of coconut oil.

Repeat this process for about a week. This will moisturize your skin leaving them with a fuller feel. In addition, you will be able to remove the dry skin off your lips so that you can expose a fresh layer of skin. The process requires patience but you can start to see results gradually. After the first few days, you can opt to add the use of cocoa butter or shea butter especially if you have very dry lips.

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Using cosmetics to create a plumper look

You can create an illusion of fuller lips by using makeup. With healthier lips, you can work with makeup to leave your lips looking gorgeous. Without going off the cliff, using lipstick and lip gloss will go a long way into creating fuller lips. All you have to do is ensure that you invest in quality cosmetics.

Tips to help you retain smooth and plump lips  

– Invest in a good lip balm. Carry it along with you and frequently apply it to ensure your lips do not dry up.
– Drink water frequently to hydrate your skin.
– Avoid licking your lips to hydrate them with saliva as it has acidic properties which will only burn an dry up tour lips

The above methods are natural methods that will help you make your lip smooth and plump. Other than the use of cosmetics, the other methods will take some time to produce results. The added advantage is that the results serve you in the long-term. You can enjoy your lips and because they are plump naturally, all you have to do is care for them and avoid allowing them to dry up.