Knowing how to get the perfect shave is something can make life a lot easier and leave you looking good as well as feeling fresh. Indeed, this is a vital part of the grooming routine for any man who doesn’t want to live with a beard.

Men's Skin Care The Perfect Shaving

If you want to shave in style and without any hassles then there are a few simple tips to follow along the way.

Get Prepared First of All

If you are planning on shaving off a thick beard then a pre-trim will help make the job a lot easier. Shaving a full beard could lead to your razor or electric shaver clogging up with a lot of hair as you go.

You could also consider using a pre-shaving device to really get prepared for a comfortable shave. These are terrific for removing dead skin cells and un-clogging the pores, leading to a better shaving experience overall.

Wet Your Face?

If you are going to be using a razor then you will want to wet your face and apply some shaving cream or oil. This will ensure a close and comfortable shave, while you might also want to shave right after your shower for an even better experience.

With electric shavers, you will need to check the instructions before deciding whether to wet your face or not. Some are designed to work best on a wet face while others should be used when your beard or stubble is completely dry.

Take Your Time

Whatever type of shaving accessory you use, you will want to be patient and take your time with it. If you rush it then there is far more risk of cutting yourself, missing part of the beard or getting razor burn.

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This is why it is best to shave when you are relaxed and have plenty of time to do a good job without any worries. Ideally, you will carry out the initial shave and then repeat the process at least once for a better end result.

Get the Technique Right

Be sure to check out the technique needed if you are using an electric shaving device, as these normally require you to go against the grain of your beard. You will also need to find the right angle and use your free hand to tighten the skin on your face.

With a razor blade, the best technique is to go with the grain to avoid getting cuts or irritation. You should find after a while that you can do this with a light touch and a good degree of confidence as well.

Take Care of Your Face Afterwards

Immediately after shaving your face could feel somewhat dry and sensitive, so to make it feel better again you should use a good moisturizing cream afterwards. This is also a good time to use any eye creams or other skin care treatments that you want to apply.

Once you put down your razor or shaving device you should give your face a good wash with warm water and then pat it dry. After this you can put on some cream or lotion and feel fantastic.

Shaving doesn’t have to be a chore or something that ends up in cuts and irritated skin. By doing it in the best possible way it can turn into a highly enjoyable experience instead.

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