According to Everyday Health, back pain is one of the highest causes of time off work and other work issues. The site also states that the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases reports that around 25% of American adults have at least one day of pain every three months. While this may not seem like much, it can add up to plenty of sick days and many bottles of medications being used to reduce pain. Instead of reaching for a prescription or over-the-counter medication the next time a muscle is pained or calling off work sick for a muscle spasm, try one of these wonderful natural options that can pinpoint and treat the pain without myriads of side effects.

Head to the Chiropractor

According to Dr. Axe, chiropractic adjustments are often more effective at eliminating muscle pain than prescription muscle relaxers are. The main area of pain for most is also the area that most chiropractors initially target, which is the spine. Most of the nerves in the body run through the spinal column, and a few quick and painless adjustments combined with ultrasound treatments can eliminate pain, tension and even muscular spasms.

Get a Massage

A good massage does more than simply relax the body and decrease stress. It also physically relaxes the muscles being affected by pain, moving life-giving blood into them and pain-causing toxins out. A regular massage can keep muscles loose, decreasing the possibility of future aches and pains.

Try Hot Water and Epsom Salts

Another good pain reliever is warm water, which also relieves tension in the joints. A bubbling hot tub removes stress from the mind as well as from the muscles and joints. Adding a half cup of Epsom salts can help with sore muscle relief, cramps, and even fibromyalgia. It works through the high magnesium content within it.

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Use Arnica

Arnica is a natural remedy that comes in the form of an oil as well as in homeopathic syrups or sublingual lozenges. It is particularly good for lower back pain but works throughout the body by dilating the blood vessels to get healing blood to areas of soreness. It can also be applied topically to sore muscles and even bruises.

Roll on Some Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries to heal a variety of illnesses, and today they continue to be used in numerous ways, including topically, to treat specific issues. Essential oils, such as peppermint, cypress, frankincense and lemongrass oil, can be added to a small roller bottle, mixed with a carrier oil and rubbed directly on the painful spot. Peppermint reduces pain and relaxes muscles while lemongrass improves circulation to decrease muscle spasms.

Move Around

Although it may seem counterintuitive to those in pain, moving around, even in a small way, can decrease cramps, spasms and pain. Those with mild to moderate pain can try taking a simple walk to loosen their muscles without overdoing it. Too much rest without movement can leave the muscles cold, tight and increasingly painful.

The next time muscle pain attacks, start with one of these natural methods that come with far fewer side effects and often cheaper price tags than do those found in mainline medicine. While occasionally a physician and prescription medication may be needed for severe pain or for pain related to serious injuries, natural methods often are the best for targeting the exact area of pain and relieving the body of stress simultaneously. None of these methods are addictive nor do they come with a host of unwelcome side effects, such as dry mouth, dizziness or acid reflux.

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