Be it drugs of any form or sort, addiction is an increasingly severe problem. It continues to take several thousands of lives annually worldwide. Addiction comes as a threat not for the addict but for the people around them as well. Addiction to drugs can ruin careers, relationships, marriages, friendships, and other social relationships. It is known to take a significant toll on an individual’s basic health and safety.

But just because someone is addicted to drugs doesn’t mean they can’t come clean. It is, in fact, never too late to overcome drug addiction. There are several ways for one to leave their drug addictions in the past, and this article highlights specific ways to overcome this phase.

Causes Of Drug Addiction

It is imperative to understand why an individual is addicted in the first place to tackle drug addiction effectively. There could be several reasons behind one doing drugs. Peer pressure and stress are known to the leading causes. Here are some other causes of drug addiction.

Mental Illnesses

Amongst these, depression, ADHD, and post-traumatic stress disorders increase the chances of an individual becoming a drug addict.

Family Backgrounds and History

Addiction is more common if the individual has a family member in the bloodline that also happens to be an addict.

Early Use

People who tend to start off using drugs at a younger age pose a higher risk of being an addict.

Trauma History

Individuals who have a traumatic past are more likely to smoke or start using drugs and become addicts.

Symptoms of Addiction

It is necessary to identify the symptoms of addiction at an early stage to overcome it before it becomes worse. Various rehab centers, such as ADAPT Programs Detox Center, encourage people to look out for symptoms of addiction. Whether it is an individual evaluating his self, or someone keeping an eye on their loved one, drug addiction is relatively easy to identify. Drug addicts carry several signature traits or symptoms that can be observed through their behavior and identified.

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Excessive urges

People who are addicted will feel tempted and strongly urged to use the drug multiple times a day. Their dosage also tends to increase with time, and these urges get stronger.

Procuring the drug

Addicts tend to act out of character and go beyond extremes to acquire a particular drug.  Sometimes they even go as far as attempting risky or dangerous activities such as stealing to satisfy their hunger for it. It is a clear sign that the particular individual is heavily addicted to the drug.

Symptoms of withdrawal

Following attempts fail to acquire the drug, an addict would experience a setback or withdrawal. It is very evident during the earlier stages while their body deprives of that particular drug. These symptoms tend to vary between different drugs.

If an individual in your family, friend circle, or anywhere around you exhibit these traits, it is time you start considering countermeasures to ensure bringing an end to their addiction and substance abuse.

Overcoming The Addiction

Drug addiction is not easy to overcome. It demands a lot of persistence, consistency, and determination. But that does not mean it is impossible. If the cause of the addiction is well understood and analyzed to its roots, it is possible to tackle the problem from thereon. Here are a few things that can help if you have a drug addiction or know someone who is suffering from it:

Make The Decision

The very first step to overcoming addiction is to decide to quit. Determination is crucial for someone who needs to overcome their addiction. And this determination should come from the addict, not others. They need to decide for themselves that they need to change themselves for betterment.


After taking the decision, the individual must start preparing to take action. While it may not seem like much, it is imperative to be aware of what is to come. One must dispose of any drugs that they possess. Checking into rehab is the ideal way to prepare someone. The experienced staff can guide better about the measures to follow before an individual goes into treatment.

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Consulting a doctor to go through proper procedures can be of great help. They can help rid your body of the substance and its aftereffects. Detoxification, therapy, medications, and a regular follow-up will allow you to progress and recuperate completely.

Handling stress

Stress, depression, and similar mental illnesses are the key factors contributing to drug addiction. Such people often find drugs an easy escape from the situations they are facing throughout the day. It is essential, as an individual, that you learn how to handle stress and control it. If it is too much to cope with, consult a psychiatrist should to help with the situation. It is imperative to ensure that an individual who has overcome addiction doesn’t fall back into it.

Control over your life

It is crucial to monitor two things – the people in your life and the things you do. Ask yourself, are these people bringing you closer to drugs? Will these drugs affect my relationships with people? Look into the obstacles that prevent you from recovering and why do you want to recover from the addiction. Have drugs caused a rift in my relationships? Have drugs prevented me from progressing in my academics or career? Questions like these will create a sense of self-awareness through self-assessment. It will push you forward towards a better, drug-free lifestyle.


Substance abuse can lead to a wide array of lifelong problems. These problems often stick with an individual to death or sometimes even bring them to it. Therefore, the individuals themselves and the people around them must help them pursue appropriate measures. The feat may seem difficult at first but is in no way an impossible task and will allow the recovered individuals to lead lives in much better ways than before.