The modern world wants to see us super productive and proactive. But every individual has its limited resources. Is it possible to increase our internal resource? It may sound fantastic, but the truth is that we can do it.

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The latest researches based on the study of peptides show that human resources can be increased by up to 40%. However, the approach should be comprehensive and long-lasting. In this case, an individual can benefit at the fullest. Nanopep is focused on the production of peptide-based supplements able to maintain cell renewal.

What are the peptides and its anti-age effect?

Peptides are a sort of a molecular entity. These chemical compounds consist of amino acid residues that are interconnected by the peptide bonds.

What is aging in brief? Aging is low protein synthesis. Short peptides consist of two or three amino acids and modify the regulation of genes` activity. All human life can be described as regulation of genes activity that deals with protein synthesis. Protein is responsible for the work of each and any body organ. So, aging is when the body is not able to synthesize protein as good as before.

It is also possible to identify individual aging markers. These markers are:

  • the level of melatonin,
  • telomere length, and
  • antioxidant activity.

These markers help to identify professionally what kind of peptides each person needs. Having this knowledge, a specialist can prescribe the best complexes for every person.

The pineal peptides studied by Russian professor Khavinson V. are one of the most powerful ones helping fight age and improve health. The synthetically-derived epitalon increases telomerase length and overcome the Hayflick limit, which says that every person has a limited number for DNA to divide.

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All these data are scientifically proven and documented. Khavinson V. has dedicated 35 years to study this issue, conduct a hundred experiments on animals and humans. Nowadays, it is the right time to use this knowledge for the benefit of humankind.

What kind of damages can be caused if an individual intakes peptides?

Our immune system is designed in such a way to control every substance that comes into our body. The immune system’s task is to produce an antibody to any such element. However, when we take peptides, our immune system does not create any antibody. The absorption takes a too small amount of time that our immune system fails to do its job. In this case, we can exclude any allergic reaction, side effects, and individual intolerance. Thus, we can benefit peptides at the fullest without being afraid of any consequences.

Peptides are regulatory molecules that recover the right course of metabolic processes in case if they fail to comply with regular norms. It can be caused by the sicknesses, the external by the stress factors, including physical and emotional stress.