steal girlfriend

Have you ever thought of stealing a girlfriend? You think you should be with her? Having a friend whom you think is amazing, beautiful or wonderful but she is dating makes you want to steal her. The urge gets high especially when you are in love with her. This will require your confidence to play the game smartly; messing up a little can make you lose her. Here are some things you have to follow to get her:

  1. Strengthen your friendship with her

Take your time to build a strong friendship with her, this paves way for communication between the two of you. Have fun with her, this will make her think of the moments with you and know you better. Do not over do things which will make her think you want a relationship with her. Just be that cool friend who is fun to be around with. A substantial friendship and communication marks the start, a girl doesn’t leave her boyfriend for a total stranger.

  1. Create a rapport with her

This is a mutual trust. Making her trust you demands you to be a good listener and make her happier. Show her that you are the male enhancement of her boyfriend by being there for her when she needs you. Don’t get too available this might get her raising questions. Build up respect in your friendship this will help build her trust in you. Make her feel respected.

  1. Know her needs

Friends who trust and respect each other share many stories about their lives. She will probably tell you or hint on what she wants or what she doesn’t get from her boyfriend. This can be indirect like he doesn’t give me his time? He forgot our anniversary he even doesn’t care. Do not hesitate to ask her some questions about the relationship. Don’t make it sound that you are concerned about their relationship. Figure out if she is happy with the relationship or not. If she is happy, you can just leave it at that.

Find out what she likes and surprise her with friend gifts. Also create some time to do fun activities she likes. Make her feel that you are different and realize what she is missing, this will cause to her have second thought. Do not exaggerate it as you may become that best guy friend you run to when you have problems. Be on the look out to make sure she is not taking you for granted and just using you. This might make you look stupid and embarrassed.

  1. Find a loop hole to be a replacement

Try to make her realize that you are there and interested. When she tells you about problems with her boyfriend, give her a leaning shoulder. Don’t speak badly about him that will be a turnoff. Instead, try to defend her where she needs it. Tell her you would never do what her boyfriend does. Try to support her, make her feel she does not have to put up with all the problems. This will make her start comparing you with her boyfriend. If she initiates that move, that is a great breakthrough as this will make her think of a break up.

Make an effort to outdo her boyfriend with your looks by updating your wardrobe and having a haircut. Physical and emotional attractiveness will also add up make her see it; this will involve going to the gym and looking up ways to improve body language.

  1. Make a move

Making a move can mark the start or the end of it all. You have to be careful. After following the above steps by now you will know about the girl better. Enabling you decide on what move to make. Before she breaks up with her boyfriend you can find the right moment and kiss her on the cheek or lips. Let it be amazing this will let her know you are better. Making this move is risky it might blow it up and turn out to have been an erectile dysfunction exercise.

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After all that stealing a girl is not that hard. It just requires your intelligence and confidence. It’s all about winning her naturally without pushing for things to happen. It takes time but remember nothing comes that easily. In life we cannot just give up on things we want to have without giving it a try.