Your prescription glasses are quite expensive, wouldn’t you agree? 

Ophthalmic lens is a high-tech product. Different attributes affect its quality; Optical surface geometric design, material, coatings & treatments, tinting…etc. 

The surface geometric design gives correction to the visual impairments. 

The material choice affects lens thickness and aesthetic appearance in addition to lens durability and resistance. Coatings & treatments provide enhanced visual features like prevention from light reflections, and glare, and filtering harmful lights like blue-violet and UV light. Different types of optical plastic materials are used to produce eyeglass lenses which are safer for the human eye in case of an accident and they are also lighter than glass materials.  

The downside to using plastic in making eyeglass lenses is that any mishandling may lead to a scratch on this intricate apparatus which will, in turn, cause trouble for the wearer. 

How to take care of your eyeglass lenses?

So, how do you handle your glasses properly, and how to clean them in case they get wet or dirty? 

PRIVO Vision has provided some tips and tricks will let you take care of your eyeglass lenses in a way in which no harm will come to them.



  • Do clean lenses regularly with water and a drop of dish detergent, then dry with a clean, soft cotton or a microfiber cloth. 

How to clean your eyeglass lenses


  • A small bottle of lens cleaner is convenient when you’re out. 

Eyeglass lenses cleaner

  • Do Not use hard case shells to keep your eyeglass lenses in them. Use a soft pouch preferably a leather one. This looks classy and protects your spectacles from scratches too as no hard surfaces are involved.
  • When putting the glasses on a table when you are not using them, make sure the eyeglass lenses face upwards and are not scratched against the surface of the table
  • Do use both hands to put glasses on and take them off, and keep glasses on your nose, not on your head, otherwise, frames can become misaligned. Even clean lenses are less than effective if they aren’t positioned properly in front of the eyes.
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  • Do not wipe eyeglass lenses when they are dry as any debris can scratch against the surface of the lens and cause scratches. 
  • Don’t use ammonia, bleach, or window cleaner to clean the lenses as they have a protective layer on them which can be damaged using harsh cleaning materials not intended to be used on an eyeglass lens.
  • Don’t exhale on lenses before cleaning them, this doesn’t get them very wet.
  • Make sure you do not put your glasses in the same pocket in which you have your keys. Use a soft pouch when putting your glasses in a pocket.
  • Don’t regularly put your glasses on a sink or a vanity unit as spatter, sprays and cosmetics can soil lenses. Hair spray or perfume can also damage the anti-reflective coating
  • Don’t leave glasses in a hot car. The windshield may act as a magnifying lens and damage the eyeglass lenses in the spectacles with the sun’s rays.