Anti-Aging Treatments

When it comes to getting older, everyone wants to age with grace, but we don’t necessarily want to look our age. Some of us have worked out or learned about our favourite skin care and anti-aging treatments over the years that we swear by and here we share some of those favourite and time-proven anti-aging treatments from real people like you, for more beautiful and younger looking skin.

Anti-Aging Cream

When it comes to anti-aging products, we really can’t look past anti-aging creams when it comes to anti-aging treatments that are the favourite amongst most women and men who are battling against aging skin. Eye wrinkle cream is one of the most popular anti-aging treatments for counteracting fine lines and wrinkles that tend to start around the eyes, and also the lips where smile lines occur. Some of the best anti-aging creams are richly moisturizing and healing for dry, aging and brittle skin. Trying out a few different creams to see what suits your skin type and needs, and consulting with a qualified dermatologist can help you to find the best anti-aging cream for you.

Nourishing Cleansers

When it comes to skin care, every part of our anti-aging routine plays an important role in making our skin look younger and healthier, and our choice of cleanser plays a big role in this. Choosing the wrong cleanser can dry out aging skin and strip the natural oils from the skin’s surface, causing skin to dry out and for fine lines and wrinkles to appear more quickly. Choosing a nourishing, moisturizing cleanser can help to counteract this.

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Sun Protection

The science is in and the conclusion is undeniable. Sun damage is a major contributor towards premature aging and not only causes our skin to look worse, it can also lead to deadly skin cancer. Protect your skin from the sun by using an SPF moisturizer in the daytime and covering up with a hat and sunglasses when spending a significant part of the day in the sun.

Supplement Boost

Just as your body cells get nourished by the vitamins and nutrients in your food, your skin cells get nourished this way too. Eating a healthy, balanced diet along with plenty of healthy fats such as those found in avocadoes, nuts, oily fish and olive oil, helps to keep your skin glowing and smooth. Avoid foods high in saturated fat, salt and sugar which can cause excess weight gain and a murky complexion.

Renew and Refresh

Keeping your skin looking young is facilitated by clearing away the old outer layers of skin once in a while to make way for the new, younger layers of skin. When you exfoliate, whether by physical means such as a loofah, scrub or microdermabrasion, or chemical means such as a peel, old dead skin cells get sloughed away to make way for deeper, fresh skin cells underneath, keeping your skin looking young and smooth.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments entail a greater cost and risk, but can produce amazing anti-aging results for your skin. Using the latest advancements in laser technology, these incredible tools can allow you to totally renew and rejuvenate your skin. These lasers deeply penetrate the lower layers of skin, activating renewal and skin growth of the younger cells. This allows the younger skin cells that are plumper and smoother to emerge through the outer layers producing younger looking, glowing skin. These lasers also help to fade freckles and dark spots on the skin by fading these older, damaged skin cells.

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Many people are now enjoying the anti-aging benefits of injectables such as Botox®, for younger looking skin. These injectables help to semi-permanently relax the muscles of the face which significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Some other injectables are fillers which can help to ‘plump out’ the face in certain areas where the fat pads in the face get worn away over time, allowing for a smoother, younger looking face without heavy surgery.

These solutions suit a variety of different people with different needs and budgets, allowing all of us to choose the best anti-aging treatments for our own skin.