A new tattoo is similar to an open wound – it is extremely sensitive and open and can easily harbour an infection if not taken care of. No matter how small or big your new tattoo is, you would have to make the effort to take proper care of it or else, things can easily take a turn for the worse.


There are some things that you can do to make sure that your tattoo stays clean and infection-free and today, we will discuss what those are.


Prepare for the Tattoo

There are certain things that you must do aside from just looking for tattoo ideas online. To properly prepare for the tattoo, make sure that you start looking for a qualified and licensed tattoo parlour and artist. This is a huge factor to consider, as reputable tattoo artists usually take their time to make sure that every equipment that they use is clean and sanitized properly.


Never go to a tattoo artist who obviously cannot be bothered to clean their parlour or their equipment. You can acquire different types of infections and even disease with just one prick of a dirty needle, so you would have to look out for the way they sanitize their equipment.


Once you’ve picked your tattoo idea and a couple of tattoo artists to have your tattoo done, visit their shop and see if it looks clean and hygienic enough for your preference. If it looks dirty, then run away as fast as you can.


You should also remember to stay out of the sun for a couple of days and avoid getting sunburnt. This can make the tattoo process very painful and can immediately cause inflammation. It can also affect the tattoo quality as well as the healing process, so make sure to wear sunscreen before going out.

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Lastly, clean the area to be tattooed before leaving the house. Scrub it out with water and a mild soap to make sure it is clean. Sure, your tattoo artist will clean it with an antiseptic before proceeding with the tattoo, but it is better to be twice as clean to prevent any infection from forming in the area.


Avoid Swimming and Other Outdoor Activities

Just like what we have mentioned earlier, new tattoos are just like open wounds. You should avoid going swimming for a few weeks until your tattoo heals completely, as the bacteria in swimming pools and oceans can infiltrate your new tattoo.


You should also avoid going to the gym for a few days, as the bacteria in gyms and your own sweat can irritate the new tattoo. Lastly, make sure to steer clear of any other outdoor activities and sports, even simple ones such as badminton, basketball, tennis, and the likes.


Stay Away from Antibacterial Lotion and Soap

Contrary to popular belief, the antibacterial lotion can only worsen the case of your new tattoo. It can lead to your skin becoming overly sensitive and can start an inflammation.


Instead, you should ask your tattoo artist about the product that you should use to keep your tattoo clean, vibrant, and infection-free. Most tattoo artists will advise you to use a mild and unscented lotion to keep your tattoo looking amazing.


You should also avoid using antibacterial soaps during the healing process. Instead, you can use a mild soap like Cetaphil to clean the area twice a day.

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Lastly, ditch the loofah for a while. Do not rub or tug on the newly tattooed area to prevent it from fading and getting irritated. Use your hands and a mild soap instead when cleaning the tattooed area.


Follow every single aftercare instruction given to you by your tattoo artist to make sure that your tattoo will heal properly and you won’t get any type of infection. Remember, health always comes first!




This article helps tattoo enthusiasts deal with new tattoos. It discusses how one should prepare when planning on getting a tattoo to avoid getting an infection. As a reader, you will learn what you should and should not do when getting a tattoo.


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