The primary purpose of your home is to protect you and your loved ones from exposure to the elements. This is a place where you should feel safe, secure and comfortable. Unfortunately, many people live in homes that have various risk factors present, and these factors may be causing minor bothersome symptoms. In some cases, serious health issues may be developing. These are a few of the many ways that your home may be making you sick and what you can do about it.

A Dirty HVAC System

Indoor air quality is directly linked to the quality and condition of your HVAC system. This is because all indoor air is recirculated through the HVAC system numerous times. As the air passes through the equipment and air ducts, it may pick up unhealthy particles that reduce indoor air quality. This may include dust mites, dust, pet dander and more. Cleaning your HVAC system regularly is a convenient and effective way to promote superior air quality. Remember to change your air filters monthly as well.

Mold from Water Leaks

A major water leak understandably will be professionally repaired and remediated promptly, but a minor leak may easily be overlooked. In some cases, weeks or months may pass before you are even aware of a slow leak. During this time, moisture could penetrate into the wood and cause damage. More than that, toxic mold may begin growing and spreading. Spores from toxic mold may cause flu-like symptoms and other significant health concerns. In some cases, you may need to have new flooring installed. Being observant around the house and addressing all known leaks promptly are essential for keeping healthy at home.

Chemicals from Flooring and Furniture

You may not realize it, but the furniture and flooring in your home directly impact air quality. Many products today are made with harsh chemicals, such as formaldehyde and others. When these products are brought into your home, the chemicals can impact air quality and ultimately may cause sickness. Understanding this danger and choosing appropriate materials and supplies are essential for indoor health. Whether you need wood floor refinishing or a new sofa for the living room, understand how your purchases impact air quality. Improving air ventilation may also help.

You can see that many factors can affect the health of your home environment. Now that you have learned about the hidden dangers inside your home, you can take appropriate steps to combat these hazards and to create a truly healthy home for you and your loved ones to live in.