Proper hydration is key to glowing health. If you work in an office, you know just how important wellness is to employee happiness and productivity. That’s why you should encourage your team members to all increase their water intake. H20 consumption is associated with all kinds of invaluable health benefits.

Put up a Sign or Poster that Explains All the Advantages of Hydration

Spread awareness in your office about the importance of proper hydration. Put up a sign or poster on the wall that discusses all of the health benefits that are linked to drinking water frequently. Some examples of these benefits are better heart health, skin resilience and enhanced joint and muscle comfort. It doesn’t matter if you want to keep dry mouth away or if you want to feel nice and cool during the warmest times of the year. A+ hydration can give you all types of health perks.

Set a Positive Example

Be a good role model for your employees. Don’t show up to the office in the morning with a cup of coffee or tea. Show up with bottled water. If they see you setting a positive example, it may motivate them to do the same. Show them just how energetic, upbeat and motivated you are on the job thanks to strong hydration practices.

Get a Water Cooler

The addition of a water cooler in your office can make it easy for employees to access fresh and clean water any time they’re thirsty. There are many different types and sizes of office water coolers, which means you can find an option that best fits your break room layout and number of employees.

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Certain companies, like Olympic Springs Bottled Water, know that you should make sure that your water cooler is equipped with plenty of cups at all times too. The easier water is for your team members to get, the more likely they’ll be to drink it.

Talk about the Dangers of Dehydration

It’s vital to make sure that your employees are all well-versed in the benefits of hydration. It’s just as vital to make sure that they know about the dangers of dehydration, too. Tell your employees that lack of water intake can lead to symptoms such as dizziness, bewilderment, exhaustion and intense thirst. If you want to encourage an office environment that’s lively and spirited, you need to make sure that hydration is always a top priority.

Dehydration is a major hazard. If you’re worried that someone in your office is dehydrated, seek emergency medical attention for him or her as soon as possible. Proper hydration practices can keep these unpleasant risks out of your thoughts.