The Importance Of Gym Time During The Holidays

As we move into the cooler Fall and Winter months ahead, many fitness enthusiasts will begin to move their regular exercises and workout sessions indoors, if they haven’t already. With the Holidays right around the corner, it’s important to consider continuing with your regular fitness schedule despite the changing in seasons and climate. Though it may be tough to wake up before work and endure the colder climates during your commute to and from the gym, maintaining consistency is the key to staying in shape all year long.

For many fitness enthusiasts, the late Fall and Winter months are common times to become less motivated, and slack off a bit due to the changes in seasons. With all of the Holiday festivities surrounding us, and the amounts of food and snacks we may consume, going to the gym is more important than ever.

Do you have access to a community gym or exercise group offered by your employers? More and more employers see the value in offering their employees access to gyms via memberships and discounted rates. The rise in community health initiatives lead by employers helps its employees to live healthier, more productive lifestyles. Consult with your employer to see what types of programs are offered during this Holiday season.

There are many reasons why now is the best time to see what your employer offers its employees to stay healthy and active.

Holiday Stress

Consider meeting up with some of your closest friends for a gym session. Whether you are lifting weights, or doing some cardio, going to the gym during the Holidays can help to alleviate the stresses that accompany families during their Holiday schedule. Participating in strength training exercises can help to release serotonin into your brain, which helps individuals have less negative, more positive thoughts, which leads to an overall better mood and well-being. Plus, the gym can be a great place to get away and relax or reflect, and relieve yourself of all the anxious feelings you may be dealing with.

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Holiday Weight Gain

In addition, one of the more obvious reasons you should consider going to the gym during the Holidays is due to the fluctuation in weight you may experience as you consume more food than normal. Sometimes, it can be hard to resist the temptations of divulging into desserts and sweet treats that family members have cooked. Its great to consume these foods, however the effects associated with these meals can sometimes be felt when you step on the scale. Going to the gym can help alleviate this, and make you feel thinner as you burn the calories you consumed.

Holiday Socializing

Going to the gym with a group of friends to attend an exercise or yoga class can be a great way to continue your social life during the Holidays. For some people, the Holidays are consistently busy because of the fact that they are being surrounded by family members for a large amount of their time. Getting out and socializing with others within your exercise group can be a great way to continue your social life and make you feel as though you are still connected with your friends and peers.

The Holidays can be a time full of hustle, bustle, and lots of unhealthy foods. It’s a great time of the year to catch up with family members that you may have not visited or seen in a long time. However, it’s important to remember your health and wellness during this time of celebration. It’s easy to be consumed by the holidays and forget the importance of our weight, body image, stress level, and social interaction. Consider joining a new exercise group or attending the gym more regularly during the upcoming few weeks. The benefits are great, and your persistent attendance at the gym will pay off greatly.

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