6 Fun Jobs You May Not Know About

You may know that one of the fastest growing career fields is healthcare. However, you may not be aware of all the interesting and unique jobs available in the field. Not everyone who chooses healthcare as a career path ends up as a registered nurse or a surgeon. There are many other fun jobs you may not even have heard of. Below are six.

Athletic Trainer

Not everyone who loves sports is given the opportunity to play for a professional team. However, many continue to pursue their passion for athletics by becoming athletic trainers. In fact, many of them work for professional teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL and more to keep their players healthy and safe.

Clinical Social Worker

You may not associate social workers with healthcare. However, there is a quickly growing demand for social workers who work in clinical settings like hospitals, mental health clinics, recovery centers and more. If you love working with average people to help them solve their problems, this may be the right job for you.

Home Health Aide

If you obtain an online gerontology degree, one job you could pursue is becoming a home health aide. We usually think of healthcare professionals as working in clinical settings. However, home health aides work with the elderly and disabled in their homes by providing them with medical care and giving them the assistance they need to live independently.

Art Therapist

While medicine is a science, not every healthcare position is completely separate from the world of art. If art is one of your passions, one healthcare career you could pursue is becoming an art therapist. Art therapists work with patients with mental health issues to help them express their selves through the creation of art.

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Forensic Scientist

If you love solving mysteries and have a strong sense of justice, one excellent career to pursue is that of forensic scientist. Forensic scientists work with law enforcement by applying medical science to evidence obtained from crime scenes. They are the people that often solve murders that help crime victims obtain justice.

Travel Nurse

If a nursing degree is something you are interested in but you also feel a need to explore the world, becoming a travel nurse is a great option. Travel nurses usually work for 13 weeks where they are needed before moving onto somewhere else. You could work in every continent on Earth.

Overall, healthcare is a very diverse field. Investigate different careers that will allow you to explore your passions in addition to helping save lives.