Are you having crooked or misaligned teeth?

Do you want to make your smile perfect with straight and beautiful teeth? But you don’t want to wear braces because you want to keep it discreet?

The perfect solution for you is clear aligners.

Though they are more expensive than the conventional braces but work really well. With clear aligners you may not even need to go to the dentist.

In this article, I will tell you about Invisalign and Smile Direct Club and how they can be compared.

So, let’s find out.

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are alternatives to traditional braces. They have a similar function to improve the look of teeth without using metal wires or brackets. Clear aligners use a gradual force to control tooth movement and put them into their proper position. Each aligner is to be worn for at least three weeks before changing to the next one.

How Clear Aligners were created?

Align Technology, a global medical device company, brought an innovative concept of clear aligners called Invisalign. The concept changed the world of orthodontics by promising to realign the teeth without using any metal. Though it was more expensive than the conventional braces, still people preferred Invisalign. It was more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing which has the ability to correct crooked teeth, gaps, crowding teeth, overbites, underbites and crossbites. 

What are Invisalign?

Invisalign is a product launched by Align technology. It is an orthodontic treatment that corrects realignment of teeth by using sets of transparent, removable alignment trays. It takes on average 12 to 18 months for the Invisalign treatment. The total cost of the procedure lies between $3500 and $8000.

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Process of getting Invisalign Treatment:

  • First you need to visit a dentist to get a proper assessment of your teeth. Digital scans will be done.
  • Then a personalized treatment plan is made and discussed with you.
  • Your teeth mold is created.
  • Customized aligners are created.
  • Aligners are fixed under the dentist’s supervision.
  • You will be asked to visit for regular check-ups to monitor progress and replace aligners. 

Read more about the process and other Invisalign FAQ on New York Total Dental’s website!

What is Smile Direct Club?

As Align technology lost its exclusivity rights on 40 patents in 2017, Smile Direct Club became its biggest competitor in clear aligners. They are in tele dentistry and produce 3D clear aligners. The idea was to make the lives easier for the patients and offer an at-home solution. SDC sends the impression kit at your home and you will receive the aligners at home, without having to visit a dentist. It takes on average 6 months for the SDC treatment. SDC has a sticker price of $1950 and $59 additionally charged for impression kit.

Process of getting SDC Treatment:

  • First, you need to get an online assessment and order your impression kit. Or you can visit a SmileShop to get a 3D scan.
  • You will take your teeth impressions and send the mold to SDC.
  • SDC will then send you a set of aligners that you need to wear daily.
  • To follow up with the treatment you will have to take photos of your teeth and upload them online into your Smile Direct Club account, so your progress could be reviewed.
  • You will be provided new aligners to swap with the old ones.
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Comparison between Invisalign and Smile Direct Club


Invisalign is completely done by the dentist and orthodontists professionally at their office. From getting your scans to creating the molds and fixing the aligners, everything is done under the supervision of the dentist. While the Smile Direct Club is a DIY treatment. It is like you self-administer aligners at home and also you are responsible to create molds of your teeth, observe the process and also monitor the progress.


As Invisalign is done completely at the dentist office, you need to pay the fees for every visit and for their services. Invisalign costs between $3500 and $8000. Whereas, SDC is a DIY treatment and you don’t need to visit a dentist so the cost is relatively low as compared to Invisalign. SDC treatment costs around $2000-2500.

3.Mold impression and scan

For SDC treatment, you need to make your own molds of teeth through an impression kit or visit a SmileShop to get a 3D scan of your teeth. But in Invisalign treatment, this is done by the dentist at their clinic. Dentist takes digital scans and impressions of the teeth.

Now you know all about Invisalign and Smile Direct Club, it is your decision to choose the best product for yourself. If you are more comfortable at in-home treatment and it is more convenient for you then go for SDC. But in case you feel that your teeth are severely misaligned or you need proper dentist supervision then go for one-on-one care from a dentist and get your Invisalign treatment.