Delay sprays are desensitizing sprays that are used to temporarily cure the problem of premature ejaculation. I say temporarily because the effects will only last you for a single sex experience.  Next time you have to apply it again. They contain ingredients that diminish sexual sensitivity helping the men to stop reaching orgasm too quickly. If you suffer from PE, then these sprays will offer a fast, short-lasting solution to your problem.

Safety of Delay Sprays

In the recent past, a concern has been raised on whether these sprays are really safe for use. Some of the ingredients that they contain are known to cause a number of problems so there is an overall concern whether these sprays are safe for use. The following are reasons why should think twice before you use delay sprays for men:

1. They cause Numbing

I have been around enough to know that anything that causes numbing should only be used only when it’s really necessary. The numbing ingredients used in most of these sprays, such as lidocaine, have been associated with sexual health problems. Also, this numbness is sometimes transferred to the other partner making then numb too. This means that the two of you will not enjoy the sexual experience as much as you would have wanted.

2. Dependence may Arise

There is nothing worse than being dependent on a commercial product. It’s like cigarettes; once you are hooked you are done. The problem is that most of this enslavement comes from your mind. You tell yourself that only a certain product can help you with a problem you are having. Delay sprays may work for you for a while but you should not result to their use permanently. There are natural techniques that you can use to deal with the problem. The most amazing thing is they are less costly (they don’t even cost a thing) and cure the problem permanently. I need not to mention that they don’t have any side effects.

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3. They May Cause a Rash

People who use hyper-sensitizing products will tell you that they suffer from rashes afterwards. These skin reactions are caused by “caines”. While you may not have a problem with this ensure that you consult with your partner beforehand. There is a 50% chance that one of you will develop a rash afterwards. This way, they won’t panic if they develop the rash.

4. Discomfort May Arise on the Female Partner

Apart from transferring the numbness, there is also a possibility of transferring some of these ingredients to the female’s sexual organ. Being a very sensitive organ, it may react to these ingredients and what results is discomfort of the highest order. As I said before, be sure to alert them in time so they can be ready for anything. Unless she is your wife, I doubt she can cope with this for long. Even you wife will get tired at some point. Take a point in this case to consider techniques that offer permanent solution to the problem rather than a temporal one.

What are the Other Available Options?

Delay sprays are not the only option you have to deal with PE. There are natural techniques that are used to cure the condition permanently. They include

1. Kegel exercises

These are exercises that are used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. They have been used as a remedy for urinary incontinence by both male and females. Men have also used them gain control of their muscles and help stop premature ejaculation. They are simple and can be performed by anybody at any age. They involve gaining control of all the muscles that are around the pelvic area and controlling how they are contracted and released. If you are looking at how to have good sex, then these exercises will help you through. They are to be performed at least once a day.

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2. Seek Medical Treatment

Premature ejaculation is a treatable condition. The problem is men who find it hard to tell their doctors about this problem. Guys, trust me, there are more embarrassing conditions than this one. Much of the research that has been done on this condition shows that it is a psychological disorder. The anxiety prior and during sex may trigger this. Instead of concentrating too much on your performance in bed, think of the fun you are going to have. It’s the only way you will enjoy.


As we have seen, delay sprays are not as safe as we would want them to be. Their use should only be limited to situations that are absolutely necessary. The good news is there are natural techniques that will help you deal with your condition. They are safe, cheap and absolutely available. Why not try them instead?