The nature awakening season is getting near, and with it the return of all the pesky micro invaders people struggle with, head lice being one of them. The origin of head lice is linked to Ancient Egypt and Greece, yet without definite fossil evidence. Their contemporary existence is equally puzzling since they are not earth or air-born. They can live 24h without humans so they rely primarily on reproduction and human interaction to survive.

Precisely their main survival technique is the nightmare of all mothers with small children. The outbreak of head lice targets and affects kids the most for their restlessness and social behaviour. Lice are thus shifted back and forth in the group, with higher chances of eggs survival. To eradicate them would take a steady and studious approach. Here’s how to get prepared properly to handle the infestation using green methods.



Recognise the symptoms

The first step in removing the lice is recognising their presence. The usual and most widespread sign is the itch in the crown and neck area, as well as behind the ears. In the absence of these symptoms, we need to resort to visual detection. The eggs are silvery-white rice-shaped and firmly attached to hair near scalp. However, grown lice come in brown and red tones, with the moving about tendency.


Although there’s a certain shame connected to lice infections, the condition doesn’t discriminate among social classes. For schoolchildren, it’s important to notify the school’s officials privately to figure out the best measures, such as no swapping of head garments. Teach your child about the prescribed actions. The occurrence of lice is not directly connected to hygiene, yet it is recommended to treat clothes and beddings with hot dry cycle for the existing ones, and bag and vacuum the non-washable areas.

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Inevitable comb



The biggest problem with kids and this manoeuvre is their lively and active demeanour. However impossible it may seem, the child need to be acquainted with importance of the process. Even when the lice are smothered with some product, you really need to get them out just in case. Find an adequate comb and diligently tend to small section at a time. Repeat the procedure a few times to ensure complete success.

Home remedies

When it comes to home mixtures, there are good suggestions that may show a different degree of success for every child, due to the nature and number of eggs or living lice. One of these is applying olive oil for an overnight treatment. It should smother the lice and loosen the eggs for easier removal. Rinse and wash up generously after the combing.


Consulting with a doctor about the chemical product is advised for younglings. Thankfully, manufacturers now take special care in the production of kid-proof lice solutions, making it organic and eco-friendly as well. Alive skin and hair offers carefully chosen quality products for beating the lice. Their Sulphate and Paraben free content is recommended as a children and nature conscious solution.

It is vital to equip oneself with necessary knowledge and draw from all available eco resources to get rid of these parasites once and for all. Devoting time to hygienic and contact prevention measures is a solid start. Detection of presence is another step. Finally, treatment with specialized combs and products will seal the deal effectively.

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