There’s no denying that making the career choice of being a locum tenens physician is more personal than anything else. All sorts of factors go into why anyone would want to take part in a locum tenens career, especially if you’re a new physician ready to take on the world.

The question whether it’s the right career move for new physicians will depend on several factors. That said, there are plenty of reasons why it is the best choice for those new to the medical field. Keep reading to find out what makes locum tenens so special.

What’s the point of choosing a locum tenens career over a traditional career path?

One of the interesting things about getting the help of locum tenens companies and carving your path as a traveling physician is the relatively interesting career path compared to the usual fare. Instead of trying to make your mark in a single location, you’ll be going from place to place, filling out your designated role depending on the needs of the facility.

For most people, it’s an exciting way to live out the first chapter of their careers as medical professionals. That said, here are just a few reasons why locum tenens is often preferred compared to the typical route:

  • Higher salary. One of the most obvious reasons to go for locum tenens is the potential for a higher salary. It has many implications for a young medical professional, such as the ability to pay off student debt sooner than usual and more opportunities to thrive, especially for those taking care of families.
  • A better resume overall. Established institutions often prefer those who took the challenge of locum tenens, making it easier to find jobs in the facilities you want. For new physicians who are still on the fence, getting the chance to build their resume is reason enough to push for locum tenens.
  • Flexible schedules. A flexible schedule is something people typically do not expect from a career as a medical professional. For the most part, people are forced into a tight and hectic schedule with little to no say. However, the nature of locum tenens makes it much easier for new physicians to get used to their careers, as there isn’t as much administrative work when you’re temporarily filling in a vacant spot.
  • A proper work-life balance. Physicians can balance work and life responsibilities thanks to the flexible schedules allowed by locum tenens. It is especially beneficial for tenured medical professionals that grow weary of their hectic schedules.
  • Reduced stress. As a result of a better work-life balance, the stress and anxiety associated with the life of a physician aren’t as intense for those who tackle locum tenens assignments.


It is no surprise that many young physicians want to make their mark in locum tenens. That said, you’ll have to consider that adaptability is a must for anyone who wants to tackle a career in locum tenens.