These days, more and more of us are struggling with alcohol. The pandemic has led to a huge spike in people suffering, as they turned to a bottle of wine (or two) as a coping mechanism to deal with the stresses of it.

Today, across the United States we’re seeing an influx of people checking in to an alcohol treatment center, but many people are avoiding it too, allowing their addiction and dependency to drive all manner of health conditions.

In the country, over a quarter of people binge drink on a monthly basis, while the number of people who have an alcohol use disorder was estimated at around 14.5 million pre-pandemic. And with that figure rising since then, it’s become a real problem.

But still, not enough people are taking the step to do something about it. Often, that can be put down to the stigma associated with treatment. Stigma, that is outdated and entirely false.

So what exactly can you expect from rehab and alcohol treatment centres?

Plenty of support

First up, you’ll get plenty of support. Which is certainly needed when trying to quit alcohol. Of course, you’ll need the help of friends and family, but having that wider support, both from professionals and other patients in treatment, can be such an important factor in entering recovery effectively.

There’s also aftercare in place, so even when you leave the facility there will still be people to lean on during the more difficult periods.

You’ll find a structure and routine

Structure to your day in treatment is hugely important and that will hold you in good stead as you enter recovery away from a rehab centre. Having structure to a day gives purpose, confidence and comfort, all of which will ease stress and limit the chances of relapse.

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Within that structure, you’ll find parts of the day dedicated to therapy, as well as practices such as meditation and yoga, which many people take into their recovery in order to help deal with everyday stresses in life.

You’ll get to the root of the problem

While many people give up alcohol on their own, going through withdrawal at home and navigating a sober world themselves, there are things that are missed out on when compared to the treatment process.

Through the therapy process you’ll understand what the root cause of your addiction is, which will allow you to manage your recovery much more efficiently, developing coping mechanisms should such issues arise again.