Technology has opened up brand new horizons not only for businesses but also for education. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the education sector has been hardest hit with the implementation of social distancing measures implying colleges and schools should remain closed during the lockdown. However, due to the advancement of technology, teachers are successfully teaching and taking classes online so that students are not lagging behind. Several educators are encountering new challenges thanks to the switchover to remote learning. It would take some time for them to get accustomed to the idea.

As per, digital learning would be beneficial to all students especially students coming from low-income backgrounds where education leaders seem to be pretty proactive. Experts believe that digital learning would not culminate in closing the achievement gap instead; it would be lifting the floor. Digital learning would mean more and more students would be successful academically. A few years down the line, a relatively higher percentage of pupils would be graduating from high school all set for college education and careers.

Jonah Engler Recommends Implementing Progressive Educational Technologies

Collaborative platforms, mobile educational apps, learning analytics, and a host of innovative approaches and tools help in making the learning process far more attractive for both the teachers and students alike. Let us explore some of the best technological tools for engaging learners in the classroom. Jonah Engler points out that technology tools occupy a special place and could help in energizing you so that you try out a brand new approach. Tech tools could act as the spark for engaging students and radically changing the way your content is approached by you. They could be great fun for playing with.

Jonah Engler Identifies Some Popular Technology Tools for Engaging Students While In the Classroom

Google Forms

Google Forms is a simple but versatile technology app. One of the most effective ways of engaging young scholars in the classroom would be giving students a really easy way of asking questions, receiving feedback, or reaching out to their teacher. Google Forms is surely one of the best, universally accessible, and most effective ways of doing all this. A basic form or simple messaging system could go a long way in boosting student engagement.

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Hemingway Editor

You may copy and paste the content into Hemingway Editor and see how efficiently it works. It comes up with excellent suggestions on wording, sentence structure, weakening phrases, and passive voice. Moreover, you could rest assured to get useful data such as grade-level readability, word count, and also, projected reading time. Hemingway is certainly a great educational tool for boosting your writing skills.


Teachers could spark some interest in their students with short and interactive videos that are great for gamifying movement and exercise. GoNoodle provides students with purposeful and focused movement breaks that could be seamlessly integrated into a usual school day.

Toontastic 3D

Students could start drawing, animating, and narrating their own cartoon creations. You could go on moving characters all around the screen even when recording your animations and voice for telling the story. This is a great tool for creating all kinds of thrilling adventures.


Consider using this amazing tool for turning your Google spreadsheet into numerous useful items. Quiz shows, flashcards, or even memory games are some of the interesting options for exploring.


This is a great tool for teachers for assessing and evaluating student understanding based on on-the-fly questions or prepared activities. Then you could consider adjusting or modifying your teaching techniques depending on the results.


‘Kahoot!’ is supposed to be a pretty handy tool used by students for creating in-class quizzes and questionnaires. This proves to be quite useful for receiving data for your graphing assignments, or for your research essays. ‘Kahoot!’ is an amazing tool for receiving feedback from your classmates. This tool is supposed to be compatible with a host of devices. This feels like a game. Hence, students do not lose interest.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is supposed to be a fun tool for gamifying the classroom. Students could go on making their own avatars, gaining and losing points depending on classroom discussion approaches and behavior along with certain soft skills as agreed upon by the class and the teacher. Teachers could also consider using Class Dojo for taking attendance and creating graphs for breaking down the important information and data for teachers. This tech tool is great for encouraging and motivating students to inculcate class values. Moreover, this tool is known for providing key metrics that may prove helpful to teachers so that they could modify and improvise their teaching tactics.

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Presentations are an integral part of today’s curriculum. However, PowerPoint is not that engaging. Prezi is a wonderful tech tool for students as it helps them come up with unique presentations that are far more exciting and creative as compared to PowerPoint presentations. Prezi helps in making the entire presentation creation process far more fascinating and enjoyable. Prezi presentations could be published on students’ accounts publicly for their classmates to appraise them for examining their notes.


Since numerous students are used to multitasking, they could consider picking up a good skill such as organizing and streamlining all their assignments. Trello comes free and it is convenient to use. This tool could be utilized for creating workflow charts. A number of students could be incorporated into the same board at a time hence; this is great for projects requiring collaborative efforts. It is a hot favorite and versatile project management system for students. Trello helps you in creating task cards for keeping track of each and everything. This useful mobile app helps everyone to keep using it even on the go. It is a great way of keeping your life well-organized both at work and at home.


Technology in education could be far more than only being a trend. Instead, technology is supposed to be a robust tool capable of hugely enriching the work produced by teachers and appears pretty engaging for students too. Technology necessitates a balanced and sensible approach.