fat sick and nearly dead diet

In the quest of weight loss and finding a healthy diet regime that works, you will come across all kinds of health tips, from the outlandish to the most sensible. One such diet caught our attention, vegetable juicing. An amazing story, and how to juice for health and weight loss, entitled fat, sick and nearly dead is a recent documentary that follows the story of Joe Cross, a man who went on a 60 day juicing fast to lose 100 pounds and drop his cholesterol levels remarkably.

Many are asking if the “fat sick and nearly dead” diet is one that works, and whether it is healthy to do so. Bear in mind that even the best diets may not be beneficial for everyone. The best way to start is to see your doctor first and discuss any diet plans, especially if you have health issues to begin with.

Fast juice – what does it involve?

Like any good diet plan, you first need to set yourself a goal or time frame for fasting. Beginners should really start off with a 3 day fast to see how they do. You can easily work your way up to longer stretches as you go.

Next, you will need to plan your shopping a bit better. You will need to stock up on fresh produce, preferable organic and free from pesticides. You will also be drinking plenty of water through the fasting process so, if you tend to drink bottled water, you will need to stock up on a good supply of that as well.

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You will need a decent juicer to make all of those tasty vegetable juices you will be drinking. Since the juicer is going to be getting some fairly regular usage, it makes sense to not skimp and buy a decent quality juicer.

Planning is also key here. You want to choose days where you have plenty of time in the morning to prepare your juice and avoid doing your fasting on days where you need to be on the go and burning lots of energy all day.

During the time you are fasting you want to drink as much juice as you can, so that your body is getting all of the essential nutrients it needs to keep it functioning properly. Usually 4 to 5 servings a day are recommended. Drinking plenty of water in between is needed to help flush the system and get rid of any toxins, while keeping yourself well hydrated. It also works as a way to keep hunger under control, allowing you to feel fuller throughout the day.

Diet alone is not the answer. You do need to exercise s well. With a juice fast, light exercise is recommended to help stimulate your digestive system.

Benefits of a vegetable juicing fast

There are many reported benefits from doing a juice fast, such as:

  • Weight loss
  • Added energy
  • Clearer thinking
  • Maximum detoxification
  • Boost to one’s moods
  • Better sleep and feeling well rested
  • Nutrients the body needs
  • Improvements in skin, hair and nails
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Relief from chronic health conditions
  • Encourages you to eat more healthily
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Juice fasting does seem to be a great option for losing weight, flushing the system and getting the body back on track to better health. You also gain some discipline along the way in regard to your eating habits, which can only benefit you in the end.