Scientifically, it has been proven that our mental health reflects in our true physical appearance. We tend to keep our mind and body in two different states, not knowing the fact that each affects the other. A stronger mind with will power keeps a check on the intake of food, being regular in exercises, and bringing about an overall discipline in our lives. But, more often than not, our initiatives fall apart just because our minds are not strong enough to put away things.

Train the Mind, Fit for Life:

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The human mind is the most powerful gift given to us by the almighty. We think about solutions; we work towards implementing them, and we finally succeed in our tasks. This three-step process is very important for achieving everything in our lives.

But this can only be accomplished, once we are able to train our mind to focus on our goals. With its natural instinct of being wondrous, it is an uphill task to most among us to keep it focused on our desired goals. Hence, the most effective way to train your mind is to read stuff that pertains to the context of your goal.

For example, if you wish to be a 10 km marathon runner, you can’t just take up the track and jolt on it. It is a high probability that you will give up halfway. Once you determine your goal, in this case running a marathon- it is very important that you prepare your mind towards it. You have to give it enough thoughts to think over and over and make it believe that you can do this.

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Everest is the highest peak in the world. At 8848 meters, many mountaineers have lost their lives attempting to climb it. The successful mountaineers have given their account that at such altitudes mind takes over the body’s physical abilities. If you are determined in your mind that you wish to achieve something, and it compliments you by staying next to you during your focus, nothing can stop you.

The Hurdles You Need to Pass

In today’s world, we all wish to achieve different goals in our life. Some wish to have a successful job, or someone wants a better life. But there are factors that prevent us from setting a straight goal. They are generally related to our physical well-being. It is a two-way effect–the mind affects body and body affects the mind.

Obesity is seen as one of the most alarming reasons to laziness, and now the most dreadful cause for different diseases which may require you to visit a physician’s office, physiotherapists or a vein treatment center to deal with the physical ailments caused by it. It hampers the activity levels and ultimately affects your decisions and actions towards your desired goals. Stress from our relationships, work, and environment, too takes a toll on our mental health, as it inhibits our power to think on finer things that matter. Overcoming stress leads to a calm mind, which in turn helps in keeping ourselves focused.


Being a human is the greatest gift. We have the power to create wonders. But it requires a trained mind, and a disciplined lifestyle. Fitness now has vast applications to both mind and body. We just need to keep the cycle in the move and not let one wheel get stagnant at any time.

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