A lot of buzz has been raised regarding the use of Anavar since the drug is potent enough to cause beneficial effects to its extreme and very less or no harmful effects as such. MMany professional body builders, weight lifters and fitness enthusiasts from the athletic community like Kali Muscle,prefer the use of Anavar for body building purposes since it causes a rapid increase in the energy levels and also improves the lean structure of your muscle mass. If you want to increase your stamina and endurance power, you can safely go ahead with Anavar. Although through the process of body building, Anavar also accounts for subsequent weight loss in the individual but their opposite effects as well. What does that mean? Anavar can also cause weight gain in certain individuals as a part of medical emergency when the person has undergone serious weight loss due to some surgery or therapy, disease or infection. How can a dietary supplementation which is intended to cause muscle gain and fat loss in an individual also has the ability to increase overall body weight? Isn’t this surprising? Well, that is the beauty of Anavar. It is mild in its action as an anabolic steroidal product and if the dosage cycle is altered accordingly, it can cause weight gain in some people who are in urgent need of it.

What are the beneficial aspects of using Anavar?

Since the product is very gentle on the body cells, there are lesser chances of being affected by undesired results. There are a lot of people who take strong medicines and therapies in order to treat diseases related to inflammatory reactions such as arthritis. What Anavar does is, it helps in reducing the risks of being adversely affected by the side effects of these drugs. The favorable side-effect profile of Var or Anavar is quite low when compared to the range of adverse effects by similar anabolic supplementation products.

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What is this application of Var? It means that Anavar has the ability to cause serious muscle gain in an individual without causing any increase in the body weight. In other words it can be said that though the product is not suitable for use in only cutting cycles, it can be safely used for muscle bulking cycles which will also cause burning of extra calories from the body to keep the muscle unit in proper shape and size.

How is Anavar related to testosterone, cholesterol, and pregnancy?

The chemical structure of Anavar is quite reduced and thus has every little androgenic effect on the body. Although it affects the growth of hair follicles, skin and prostate, it does not adversely influence the secretion of testosterone. Thus this is a boon for female athletes as they can use this product safely without the fear of being affected by male sexual characteristics.

It has been seen that even when the dose strength is low, Anavar has a negative effect on cholesterol levels. It targets lipids to raise LDL levels and decreases HDL levels. This can be accounted as a favorable side-effect profile of Var.