Liver Detox Diet- Foods For Cleansing The Liver

Various functions in the body are performed by the liver, but its primary function is to filter out poisons. The body is able to function in a better way if the liver is cleansed. The liver will become sluggish if it is loaded with toxins and will give rise to problems such as insomnia, irritability and fatigue. Detoxification is a method that’s used for internal cleaning of the liver in which substances that are not conducive to good health are removed. It is not necessary to undergo any painful procedures etc. to detoxify the liver. There are some foods that can be considered helpful liver detox diet and can prove beneficial in restoring the vital function of the liver. They are discussed below:


Nearly all vegetables are advantageous for the liver, especially if one focuses on those that are organic, uncooked and unprocessed. Dark, leafy green vegetables should be consumed such as collard greens, spinach and kale. An excellent all around food for the liver are beets because their tops and roots are rich in vitamin and their roots are also said to contain liver friendly enzymes. Vitamins can also be found in broccoli, carrots and yams so their intake is also essential.


It is said that eating apples will prove to be very healthy for the liver because an insoluble fiber can be found in this fruit, which provides assistance in building up cholesterol in the liver. However, apples are also regarded as the most pesticide laden fruits so it is best to purchase organic varieties of these fruits. Liver damage can also be slowed down by avocados, which are classified as a fruit and not a vegetable. Bananas, watermelons, figs, papayas, cherries and pomegranates are some other fruits that are known to benefit the liver.

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Butter, hydrogenated and shortening oils are cholesterol building fats, which should be avoided. The liver can also be damaged because of trans fat, which are commonly found in popcorn, margarine and numerous processed baked goods. This is because these fats cannot be processed and are said to be a molecule away from plastic. They contribute to a fatty liver because the liver stores them in deposits.

However, there are also several fats that are required by the liver in order to function properly and are, therefore, regarded as essential fatty acids. Hemp and flax are some seeds and nuts that should be consumed. Cook with coconut oil that doesn’t break down in heat easily or with cold pressed and organic olive oil that has been kept in the refrigerator after opening. A good source of monounsaturated fat is avocados and good sources of omega 3 fatty acids include fish such as salmon.


Animal fats can be minimized by using lean cuts of meat for getting proteins. Organic cuts of chicken breasts are also useful. Proteins can also be consumed in the form of legumes, nuts and soy to limit liver damage.

With these foods, the liver can be detoxified naturally and can perform in the best way possible.