Using Holistic Homemade Toothpaste for Dental Cleaning

Safety and health should be the priority of individuals when making the choice of toothpaste to use for cleaning their teeth. Using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda for making your own toothpaste at home can not only aid you in cutting back on household costs, but it does so without you having to make any sacrifices regarding product quality. Not only is holistic homemade toothpaste inexpensive, but it is also highly effective. Families had made their toothpaste at home before commercial toothpastes were introduced. You can whiten your teeth and freshen your breath with the combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda as they kill the germs and bacteria in the mouth.


It is quite easy to use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for making holistic homemade toothpaste at home. Take 1 teaspoon of 3% solution hydrogen peroxide and mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda in it. Ensure that the hydrogen peroxide solution is not more than 3% because a stronger solution can have harmful impacts. A thick paste will be formed when the ingredients are mixed together. In order to thin the paste and get the desired consistency people can also add some more hydrogen peroxide. Use a clean jar for keeping the toothpaste and screw its lid tightly. This toothpaste can be used for about a month.


Although the homemade toothpastes are very beneficial and effective, they don’t taste good at all. There is a strong bitter taste of peroxide and baking soda toothpastes. One or two drops of wintergreen or peppermint oil can be added for improving the taste of the toothpaste. Another way to make the toothpaste tasteful is to add smashed ripe strawberries to it. Teeth are also whitened with the acids that are present in strawberries. A light citrus flavor can also be added to the toothpastes by chopping dried orange or lemon rinds into tiny flakes and mixing them with the paste.

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Baking soda is often referred to as a natural deodorizer because it kills the bacteria that are responsible for odor and freshens the breath of individuals. As per Dr. Daniel Vinograd, a mercury free dentist from San Diego, “Stains and plaque that are usually responsible for the yellowing and discoloration of the teeth are also rubbed away by baking soda because it is also an abrasive”. Layers of bacteria that tend to form on the teeth are weakened and broken by hydrogen peroxide. As the bacteria are weakened by peroxide, the baking soda loosens it from the tooth by breaking it up. Moreover, as opposed to purchasing the commercially available toothpastes, homemade toothpaste is also quite inexpensive.


When using it for the first time, it is recommended that a small quantity of holistic homemade toothpaste is used. People should rinse their mouths properly and wait to see if they suffer from any ill effects. There might be minor reactions in some individuals to either baking soda or hydrogen peroxide, especially if they have any allergies. The toothpaste should immediately be discarded if there are any undesired side effects experienced by individuals. In majority cases, however, the toothpaste is very beneficial and useful.