Back Pain

One of the most critical and attention-seeking of bodily disorders is lower back pain. The reason for its seriousness is because it is linked to the spinal cord, which supports the movement and structure of the body. Lower back pain can be brought about by several situations. Some situations are avoidable, while others are accidental and unavoidable. Fortunately, there are ways to tackle the disorder, regardless of the cause.

What causes the lower back pain?

The lower back is connected to various parts of the spinal cord, and the musculoskeletal system. For that, the pain will be caused by problems of the nerves, spinal muscles, tendons, discs, or the bones. Here are some of the causes of the lower back discomforts.

Straining of the lumbar – The lumbar strain is when there is an injury to the tendons, muscles, or ligaments of the low back due to an extended stretch. Here, the muscles will be torn and lead to a chronic or acute pain.
Irritation of the nerves – There can be a nerve irritation in the lumbar spine. This can be caused by a mechanical pressure from tissues, bones, diseases, or anything that is pressing the lower back directly on the skin surface.
Lumbar radiculopathy – Here, there will be a nerve irritation that is caused when the discs between the vertebrae are damaged.
Bony encroachment – This is where there is a growth or movement of the lumbar spine vertebrae, which can then limit the space for spinal cord and nerves adjustment.

All these are conditions that can lead to physical pain in the lower back. But what lead to these conditions? Regular activities and unforeseen accidents. Some of the activities that can lead to the pain in the lower back include the following;

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Sports and exercises – When you are out exercising, you might end up having lower back discomforts. For instance, when a golfer takes a hit and swings the club while in the wrong posture, they might pull the muscle around the lower back. This can lead to acute pain.
Carrying heavy loads from the ground.
Sleeping in a wrong position for a long time.
Sitting on your office desk for a long time.
Pushing heavy loads.
Driving and car accidents – Driving for too long can lead to pain in the lower back. Also, you can have a chronic pain if you are involved in a car accident.

What if the pain comes from a car accident?

For the causes mentioned above, they are usually avoidable, but car accidents are relatively unavoidable. So what should you do if the lower back disorder is caused by a car accident? Hire a car accident lawyer.

The car accident might not have been your fault, so you need a reputable law firm like 702-4-INJURY to represent your case in court. This way, you will be sure of getting the right medical help that you need. Hiring a car accident attorney helps you to avoid the stress and trauma you would go through when you try to find justice on your own. Ensure that the lawyer is a registered professional, with enough experience in the field.

Relief and Remedies

Medical specialists suggest specific approaches that will help you to relieve the pain and avoid future damages of the spinal cord. They include the following;

  • Seek medical advice – Before you try out the home remedies, it is advised to consult your doctor for examination of the spinal cord, linked to the lower back. This way, the medical specialist will determine the complexity of the damage and suggest the appropriate remedies.
  • Get enough sleep – Getting the right amount of restorative sleep helps to calm down the pain around the lower back. Ideally, go to the store and purchase the right mattress to soothe the pain.
  • Stretch the hamstring every day – Stretching your hamstring daily helps to flex and loosen the muscles. In turn, this will relieve the pain.
  • Cold and heat therapy – These unique therapies are commonly known to be effective in relieving the pain in the lower back. Cold therapy reduces the inflammation and slows down the nerve impulses, while heat slows down the pain sent to the brain and boosts blood flow around the body.
  • Sit and stand uprightly to avoid pressure on the lower back.
  • Do workouts and other exercises that strengthen the muscles around the back.
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In most cases, the lower back will be vulnerable when the surrounding muscles are weak. That is why it is advised to exercise daily and boost the strength of the muscles around the back, especially the lower back. Also, if you are involved in a car accident, consult a professional car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

  • Sports and exercises: When you are out exercising, you might end up having lower back discomforts. For instance, when a golfer takes a hit and swings the club while in the wrong posture, they might pull the muscle around the lower back. This can lead to acute pain.