Mind Numbing Tooth Aches 4 Signs You Need a Root Canal

Severe tooth pain can be attributed to various factors such as a bad infection or serious tooth decay. While trying various home remedies may help calm the pain, the only sure way to get rid of this pain is by getting a root canal.


Deciding to get a root canal is the best choice to save your tooth. A root canal is a treatment that involves cleaning out the internal canals of your tooth that extend into the root of your tooth. Although most people assume that root canals are painful, the truth is that technology has significantly improved the way things are done. You can now get a root canal procedure done pain-free at clinics like Accent Dental.


However, it’s important to understand that just because you have tooth pain doesn’t mean that you must get a root canal. Here are some four major signs that indicate that you may need a root canal.


Hot and Cold Sensitivity

If you always experience moderate to severe lingering tooth pain when eating hot foods or drinking liquids, you may need to consult your dentist and have a root canal done. Sometimes the tooth pain may be caused by the hot and cold sensitivity. Also, this extreme sensitivity lasts beyond the removal of the cold or hot food or drink.


Individuals who’ve had a dental procedure like the placement of a dental crown or a tooth filling may experience this kind of sensitivity for the first few weeks. Nonetheless, if this becomes severe or doesn’t disappear after six weeks, a root canal treatment may be required.

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Swollen Gums around a Tooth

You may require a root canal therapy if you experience pain when biting or chewing on a tooth. In certain cases, you may notice some slight swelling on the affected tooth. The particular tooth may also be sensitive to touch. Swelling around the tooth could indicate a brewing infection and it’s best to consult a dentist immediately.


Discolored or Darkened Tooth

A root canal is necessary if you have a tooth that changes from a grey to a yellow or black. Discoloration is an indication that the nerves of the teeth are damaged. However, discolored teeth could also be related to damaged fillings, severe decay, or trauma. A dental checkup is the only way to know if you require a root canal.


Sharp, Shooting Pain

If you are experiencing a sharp, shooting pain that is electric in nature, you may need to talk to your dentist about a root canal treatment. This type of pain also worsens when you are jumping, working out, or walking down the stairs.


These are some of the signs you may require a root canal. It’s essential to note that not every symptom above may manifest. Sometimes a tooth in need of a root canal may not exhibit any signs. However, going for a dental check-up could help detect this. Talk to your dentist who will advise you on whether to go for a root canal or use other treatment options available.