If you love shopping, but don’t want to spend a fortune on it, second hand stores are the perfect solution for you. They can offer you for a great variety of clothes at low prices. Instead of wasting huge amounts of money, you can save a lot by purchasing used clothes. Not only will you save the environment, but you’ll get unique look and fulfill your shopping desires.


Old and also new

A lot of clothes in second hand stores have never been worn. Many people buy lots of clothes and just stack them in the closet, where they gather dust. They buy things that they’ll never wear, and after some time they just sell them to the second hand shops. Main reasons people sell their clothes are weight loss or weight gain, change in fashion or just the fact the item of clothing looks off under a different light. If you look carefully enough, you can a lot of clothes with price tags still on.

Good care

All items in second hand stores pass through strict checks to ensure that items sold are of good quality. They won’t sell damaged or torn clothes, and all shops clean the clothes before selling them. They are very cautious and pay much attention on what they display for sale.

Quality vintage style

If you look for authentic vintage clothes, then second hand shop is the perfect place to find that. You can’t buy clothes of the same quality as in the old days, anymore. There are well preserved clothes made of good quality material, that look like they were made yesterday. To get that unique vintage look and quality, hurry up to the closest second hand store.

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Safe for kids

There’s no doubt that kids grow quickly, after just a few months they have already outgrown their clothes. They often get dirty and need to be changed several times a day. Because of that, parents very often purchase more and more new clothes, and end up spending too much money. You can find barely worn and good condition kids’ clothing at second hand shops. Instead of buying new shirts, for that price you can buy three times as many (or more) kids shirts in second hand shops that are in good condition. Babies are very sensitive, they could react badly to new clothing, which contains chemicals added during manufacture. Pre-worn clothes have been through enough washing cycles to remove all of the chemicals. Second hand clothes are actually a healthier choice for babies and kids.

Give away

Many people buy clothes they wear once or twice, and then throw away. That is especially true for clothing bought for special occasions. Instead of creating more waste, give your unused items to people that may be searching for something like that. If you love buying second hand clothing, consider giving your old clothes that you don’t wear anymore, get rid of ill-fitting items by donating them to second hand stores. Second hand giving should go both ways.

Over the year, you’ll save a lot of money buying in second hand shops at bargain prices. You can use that additional money on other important expenses or things you need.