Whether we simply forget to brush before bed or our routine isn’t quite top-form, knowing how to build one up isn’t always as easy as you might think. While teeth whitening London services can give your teeth a fresh look, keeping on top of your oral care is a must, so to help you out, we’ve put together a simple guide to building a habitual dental routine as an adult.

Understand Why You Need Good Oral Health

One of the key steps to encouraging yourself to keep up your oral health is to understand just why we have to do it. While it’s fairly common knowledge that brushing our teeth can prevent cavities, knowing the ins and outs of how it does exactly that will help you determine not only why you need a routine, but what your routine should consist of. Our teeth play an important role in our life, from giving us a winning smile to chewing the food that we eat and when they’re weak and prone to cavities or breakage, they can’t work on top form. When food gets stuck in your teeth or you aren’t brushing, plaque can build up and break down the enamel that protects your teeth and its nerves, potentially causing you pain, discomfort and irreparable damage.

Put Together A Good Routine

With the above in mind, putting together a good routine, writing it down and making sure you stick to it every morning and night can help you regain control over your oral health. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Brushing
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Brushing is the first step that most will do, but too many stop at this or don’t do correctly. Manual brushes aren’t entirely useless, but investing in an electric toothbrush can ensure that you’re making the most out of your two-minute brush time. Brushing can not only dislodge food from between your teeth, but it will remove plaque and help to improve your gum health too.

  • Flossing

So many people forget to floss or don’t realise just how important it can be to our daily routine, though you only really need to do it once a day – ideally in the evening. Our toothbrushes can’t always get into every gap, so floss is designed to do that job instead! Better yet, the market has made it incredibly easy to get it right too, with pre-threaded flossers, plaque removers and even water flossers for those who struggle with the process.

  • Mouthwash

Mouthwash is a great way to keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh for longer. Once again, this could be a once-a-day thing depending on the strength of the mouthwash, though your dentist can direct you towards a good brand for your mouth or tooth sensitivity.

  • Cleaning Your Tongue

Cleaning your tongue is another forgotten addition to your routine but think of it this way – what’s the point in brushing your teeth if your tongue is still coated in bacteria that could damage them in the long run? Cleaning your tongue can also prevent bad breath and can easily be done with your toothbrush, a tongue scraper, or even a piece of floss.

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Set Yourself Reminders

If you know that you’re likely to forget to keep up with your routine, set yourself reminders! If you carry a smartphone, you can often set up reminders right from your calendar, or download a variety of apps designed to help with oral care. Alternatively, you can leave physical sticky notes on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself to brush after a visit to the toilet. Whatever method you use, reminders could be the ideal solution for encouraging you to brush every day.

Our oral state is a vital part of our overall health and knowing how to effectively keep up with an ongoing routine is a must. Whether you opt for setting reminders, or just need a more in-depth routine every morning or night, hopefully, this guide has helped you do exactly that.