Remedies For Healthy Hair

This article will educate readers about the home remedies, healthy diet, ayurvedic treatments and essential tips helpful to improve hair growth. These natural remedies are safe and helpful in enhancing hair growth.

Garlic Olive oil: Olive oil has many health benefits necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Crush some garlic and mix it in olive oil. Leave it overnight. Apply it to your scalp and rinse it off with mild shampoo. It not only helps in reducing hair fall, but also nourishes hair and helps in regrowth of burnt hair.

Coconut oil+ Curry Leaves: If you want to improve thickness of your hair naturally, this remedy is proven to be very effective. Combine coconut oil with Curry leaves paste and apply it on scalp. Wash off using a mild shampoo.

Yogurt, Lemon, Pepper: Black pepper seeds help in stimulating hair growth. Take a mixture of Pepper and yogurt and apply it to your hair. Leave it overnight. Lemon Juice and yogurt hair pack is also beneficial for your hair.

Henna: A traditional, yet worthy procedure to get back your lost hair is by applying henna. It strengthens hair roots and softens your hair.

Oil Massaging: Massaging hair with oil rejuvenates hair growth. It reverses the effect of hair damage as well. Oils such as Olive oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Almond oil, can be used twice a week for hair massage. Just heat the oil and gently apply it. See that it seeps into the roots.

Ayurvedic Treatments:

  • Ashwangandhais is an anti oxidant herb used to prevent hair fall.
  • Bhringaraj, which is known as the king of herbs in ayurveda, stimulates hair growth. A thick paste of it when applied on your scalp can show positive results of hair growth.
  • Neeli bhringadi oil, kanjunnyadi oil are medicated oils used in ayurvedic treatments to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth.
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Healthy Diet:

  •  Vitamin A and Vitamin C are essential for hair growth. Include lots of green vegetables, raw vegetables, fruits, kidney beans, sweet potatoes, lentils, carrots, eggs etc which are rich source of vitamins and minerals.
  • A mixture of lettuce, spinach juice helps improve hair growth.

Tips for a Healthy Hair:

  • High protein and iron content food is a must for healthy hair. Regular exercise is also recommended.
  • Use natural Shampoos made using shikakai, Aamla etc.
  • Don’t use conditioner on your scalp; it may block your hair roots.
  • Trim your hair in every two to three months to avoid split ends.
  • Get a hot oil scalp massage and pamper your hair. Avoid Stress.
  • Drink plenty of water to remove unnecessary toxins from your body.
  • Brush your hair with utmost care with clean and wide toothed combs, avoid blow dry whenever possible. Regular brushing of hair helps in blood circulation.
  • Stay away from chemical based hair care products.
  • Avoid regular usage of hair styling products.
  • Protect your hair from sun with scarf, hats.
  • Never brush your hair when it is too wet or too dry.
  • Sleep for six to eight hours. Put your hair up in a loose ponytail while sleeping.

Pamper your hair with these natural remedies and stay beautiful with your healthy, long and lustrous hair.