Natural Ways for Men to Get Strong Hair and Greater Volume

Hair is a feature that’s important for both men and women because it can have a huge impact on their appearance. While women are more concerned with their hair, it doesn’t mean that men can or should ignore them in any way. As a matter of fact, baldness amongst men has become quite widespread and this look doesn’t work for everyone. Therefore, men also wish to have fuller and stronger hair and there are some natural ways to achieve them. No chemical altering is required and all they have to do is use the right tools and products that cater for men’s hair in order to boost the strength and volume of hair. But, they need to assess their hair in order to know the issues and buy products that are tailored to meet their needs in particular.

Discussed here are some natural ways that can be very helpful:

Starting in the Shower

The water temperature needs to be checked. Warm rather than hot water should be used to keep the scalp and hair healthy. A volumizing shampoo containing glycerine should be used for lifting the hair from the cuticle and retaining water in it. Other issues like oily scalp and dandruff should also be targeted. A volume-building conditioner should also be used as it can help hair in appearing thicker and give them smoothness.

Styling Products

Get a mousse that has helpful ingredients such as rosemary and rice protein. It should be applied to the roots where it is most needed. The blow dryer should be kept on medium heat and a brush should be kept in near the roots for applying tension in order to boost volume. The style can be kept in place with a light finishing spray. Look for sprays that are especially designed to give hair a ‘root lift’.

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Invest in Tools

Give up your comb and instead get a soft-bristled brush and use it gently for loosening hair before going to bed or even before washing. Keep the hair strong and intact by keeping brushing to a minimum. This is because excessive brushing usually leads to breakage of hair. Apart from that, a blow dryer should only be used sparingly and at a cool or warm setting rather than hot. Towel drying hair is another option available to people or allow it to dry naturally. The hair will become slightly textured in this way and volumizing products can then be used.

Health and Nutrition

Hormone levels are usually increased because of smoking and they end up constricting the blood vessels, eventually triggering thinning and hair loss. Stopping the habit immediately can help in getting the hair back to a healthy state. Moreover, people can also add one to three tablespoons of additional protein and flaxseed. This can be extremely beneficial for promoting strength and growth of hair and this can lead to an increased volume. Also include Vitamin B7 in your diet as this is known to boost the sheen and growth of hair.