Nitroxinil or Nitroxynil is a medication for veterinary use on steers, sheep and goats against flukes and roundworms. Therapeutically, it is a low range Flukicide, nematicide anthelmintic, and endoparasiticide, which is being utilized to control liver flukes, and a couple roundworm animal types. It is not utilized as a part of mutts or pets. It is an injectables fasciolicide with great effectiveness against Fasciola hepatica in steers and sheep. It is a 4-hydroxy-3-iodo-5-nitrobenzonitrile. The medicine contains at the very least 98.0% and not more than 101.0% of C7H3IN2O3. It is accessible for the most part as injectables, regularly in blend with ivermectin.

A yellow to yellowish brown powder, Nitroxynil should be protected from light.


This is a medicine used to treat dairy cattle for fluke infestations. In any case, it is not generally utilized as a part of the United States because of deposit concerns and proficiency issues with organization. In the EU it is the main flukicide with a set up MRL for ox-like and ovine milk, i.e. it can be utilized on dairy creatures regarding the withholding time frame set up for every specific item.

Nitroxynil is very compelling against grown-up liver flukes and against late youthful stages in steers. It is additionally successful against a couple of gastrointestinal roundworms and in addition against myiases brought on by the sheep nasal bot fly. Interestingly with numerous different anthelmintics nitroxinil has a remaining impact, i.e. it not just kills the parasites present in the host at the season of treatment, yet ensures against re-infestation for a timeframe that relies on upon the dosage and the particular parasite.

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Viability of this drug against a particular parasite relies on upon the conveyance structure and on the dosage directed. National administrative powers figure out if an item is endorsed for a given sign, i.e. use on a specific host at a particular dosage and against a particular parasite. Check the marks of the items accessible in your nation. It is very important to follow the instructions related to the usage of the drug, which is provided by the manufacturer on the pack.


  • Nitroxinil is exceptionally successful against grown-up liver flukes and against late juvenile stages in dairy cattle. It is metabolized in the liver parenchyma to a metabolite that has additionally flukicidal movement, which clarifies its adequacy against late youthful flukes that move through the liver tissues.
  • Infused nitroxinil very strongly & totally to plasma proteins.
  • For expansion plasma proteins and blood concentration and change in the tissues, Nitroxynil is considered as best prescription.


  • Nitroxinil is not efficient against rumen flukes, other roundworms such as lungworms like Dictyocaulus or eye worms, tapeworms and other outside parasites.
  • Digestion system of nitroxinil is rather slow and happens chiefly in the liver. Discharge through dung and pee is very moderate also, and takes around 30 days to be finished.
  • Practically insoluble in water; sparingly solvent in ether.
  • Toxicity is high & shouldn’t give to horse & humans
  • Shouldn’t utilize this medication as domestic hygiene.

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