Oily SkinPeople with oily skin live under the notion that their skin is blessed and will not age as quickly as other skin types. They are right to a certain extent as the skin is thicker and has good amount of oil in it making it look smoother, longer. But this too has its pros and cons. So, if a person with oily skin doesn’t take good care of his skin, the benefit he has may soon be lost.

What is exactly that he needs to do:

Use a Moisturizer regularly
Oily skin too should be moisturized, but with a moisturizer that is lightweight and oil-free. This is done to remove extra oil. This oil could clog the pores and trigger breakouts. Oil and moisture are two separate things. A fine balance between the two will ensure delay in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Please don’t forget to moisturize the chest and neck.

Nourish Skin with Antioxidants
Anti-oxidants are anti-aging agents. They avert oxidization, a biological process that fastens the aging process. One can reap the benefits of hydration and antioxidants with oil-free moisturizer. Examples of such antioxidants include ubiquinone (it is the best antiaging ingredient in lifecell), idebenone (an antiaging ingredient in Elizabeth Arden), Retinol (an antiaging ingredient in Neutrogena anti-wrinkle serum). Also, substituting snacks with fruits and veggies that contain antioxidants is a good idea. Try berries, peppers and more for that nourishment from within.

Don’t go overboard with cleansing
Yes, that is absolutely true. Though it is understandable that oily skin gets greasy overtime and this is perhaps the reason that forces one to wash it more often. But doing this can lead to skin getting dry. Wash only two times a day and keep blotting papers with you. Use them as and when you need to remove the oil from a shining face.

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Don’t sleep with your back up
Those who haven’t understood our point, we mean don’t sleep with your face on the pillow. This is an unhygienic practice. The pillow may take in the oil and place it back on your face paving way for acne outburst.  Acne damages skin tissues, it is another factor that can lead to aging. Plus sleeping on your face can cause wrinkle formation over a span of time.

Exfoliate more often
As compared to the dry skin, people with oily skin need to exfoliate their skin more often. It is susceptible to blackheads, whiteheads and pimples more than any other skin type. Acne prone skin should be exfoliated with a chemical exfoliator like salicylic acid, glycolic acid or lactic acid, others can go for scrubbing. The chemicals remove any dirt or grime and discourage dead skin buildup. Salicylic acid is slightly drying than the other two. So be careful, if you notice skin getting dry, discontinue immediately. A retinol or tretinoin product is more useful but use it at night for maximum benefits.

Don’t ignore your eyes
Your skin may have an oily texture but  the skin around the eyes is devoid of any glands which makes it dry and thus demands more care and attention. So moisturize it with a good eye cream to ensure that you look beautiful. Start as early as possible. Doctors recommend its use only at night.

Sun protection is needed
People with oily skin avoid sunscreen to avert greasiness. The best option for them is a moisturizer that is laden with sun protecting factor. This way the skin won’t appear greasy as applying two products –  a moisturizer and sunscreen can make it to be.

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